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Postby ShoreBoy on Tue 9/Feb/10 10:09am

Sweet shot Matto!

A few I took out the lounge window last week.
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Re: Your Photography

Postby pinkmaggit on Tue 9/Feb/10 10:26am

I decided to go Flickr Pro. Easiest place for hosting my photos.
Also, just got the 7D + 15-85 IS USM for work use. I'm liking it.
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Re: Your Photography

Postby Bob_Jones on Tue 9/Feb/10 11:45am

JohnnyC wrote:
Bob_Jones wrote:I figured I would post up here to see if I could get any tips.

I only just got my first dslr (nikon d3000)and im keen to try my hand at some biking photography. I went up today with a mate and got a few pics and im curious what people think. Any tips for camera settings or maybe essential pieces of equipment.

Ive been using a 18-55mm lens for all the work so far and just the built in flash.

I mainly ask because I would like to go try take some photos at the nationals in Wellington and want to be as prepared gear wise as possible.


It looks like you're on the right track already, do you use manual or one of the automatic modes? For shooting bikes, shutter speed is really important so I always use manual so I can set the shutter speed fast enough to capture the action without being blurry. Around 1/350sec is plenty fast enough to freeze the rider but still blur the tyres a tiny bit, you can go a bit slower when shooting front-on or if you are panning with the rider. You may want to set the aperture small (bif f-number) or wide(small f-number) to change the depth of field but usually when you are in the trees you will need it wide (around f4 depending on your lens) just to get enough light in (remember that a small f-number/aperture gives a shallow depth of field so make sure you get your focus right). Then adjust the ISO high enough to expose the whole scene properly, it used to be a rule that you need the ISO as low as possible since high ISO's would look grainy but these days alot of cameras still look pretty good at an ISO of 800 or higher so don't be scared to bump it up if you need to.

I don't use the on-board flash on my camera at all for a few reasons-
1)They only really expose whatever is closest to the camera and the background is left dark
2)They aren't very powerful
3) Having the flash in line with the camera makes your subject look a bit flat and not as well defined

Ideally you need to splash out on a remote flash set-up with 1 or 2 extra flashes but that gets expensive, so if you do need to use your on board flash, do it with one of the manual modes. That way you can slow the shutter speed right down to expose the background but the flash will still freeze the rider. Then if you pan with the rider the background will often be blurred which can look pretty cool with a bit of practise.

As far as gear goes, I can think of lots of things that would help but unless you have a grand or 3 to blow on camera gear you are probably better off just sticking with what you have and practise as much as you can, playing with different settings.

All the photos ive been taking are in manual, but I've been using a shutter speed of about 500 so might try slowing that down a wee bit. And I had never considered the slow shutter speed + flash, I might have to give that a go.

Im going to be in Wellington for nationals so that might just be a good opportunity to practice.

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Re: Your Photography

Postby jnumbaz on Tue 9/Feb/10 5:05pm

<Highhopes>Has anyone in the Manawatu got a decent Canon protrait/walkround lense they can lend me for a wedding this Sunday?</Highhopes>
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Re: Your Photography

Postby woodsy on Thu 11/Feb/10 2:05pm

have any 7d owners had any issues with focus ?

its taken a heep of time to get my partners set up but still not quite there yet
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Re: Your Photography

Postby RJD on Thu 11/Feb/10 3:40pm

woodsy wrote:have any 7d owners had any issues with focus ?

I've adjusted all my lenses, all the short ones (10-20, 17-55, 50/1.8) are pretty damned spot on now , my sigma 70-200 is purely iffy , +19 on the long end doesnt quite get it whilst 0 at the short end is right.

Borrowed a 100-400 and due to the lens, body or my technique I just couldnt consistently hit focus at distance as reliably as I want but then 400/5.6 isnt easy, not willing to blame the body, you in chch wanna do a like 4 like test?
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Re: Your Photography

Postby Conners on Thu 18/Feb/10 10:33pm

Nothing special but there was a decent swell off Papamoa this evening.
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Re: Your Photography

Postby dented on Thu 18/Feb/10 10:37pm

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Re: Your Photography

Postby wuffy on Thu 18/Feb/10 11:18pm

Just got back from a trip to the UK and Ireland, got a D5000 to upgrade from my D40 while I was there. Heres the results :)
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Re: Your Photography

Postby Jono on Thu 18/Feb/10 11:34pm

a couple of nights ago at home...


I would have like to crop it a bit, but really what I needed was a wider angle (the camera was back against the house as it was, and I wanted the cabbage tree in the shot...)
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Re: Your Photography

Postby Bigfoot on Fri 19/Feb/10 11:57am

Datsane wrote:Lightning is Awesome.


Just realised how old that quote is... yet I still don't care :)

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Re: Your Photography

Postby PhilterNZ on Fri 19/Feb/10 1:58pm

Nice one BF
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Re: Your Photography

Postby Datsane on Fri 19/Feb/10 4:04pm

Bigfoot wrote:
Datsane wrote:Lightning is Awesome.


Just realised how old that quote is... yet I still don't care :)


Because its that awesome.
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Re: Your Photography

Postby onyabike on Fri 19/Feb/10 4:28pm

Ohau Stream
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Re: Your Photography

Postby lubie on Fri 19/Feb/10 4:56pm

Tugboat wrote:
shmoodiver wrote:
you has the steady handses

:lol: Must have been the couple of rums I'd had about that time.

Here's a Cape Palliser sunset from a few minutes later.


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