Re: Where Did You Ride Today?

Postby adikt on Wed 11/Jan/17 9:21pm

First ride offroad in about 9months due to injury. 17km at Woodhill. Hardly even cramped up, and didn't pussy out on the hills!
Shoulder didn't fold up under my either. Pretty stoked actually.
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Re: Where Did You Ride Today?

Postby Conners on Wed 11/Jan/17 10:55pm

Finally made it out to Whites Bay and Mt Robertson today. Holy shit - some of the best beech forest single track I've ridden.
Was out early as the forecast was for 31 degrees in Blenheim today. Didn't originally plan to ride Mt Robertson but made better time than I expected to the high point of the main loop so thought it would be rude not to. Glad I did, it wasn't as much of an additional grunt as I was expecting, and the descent back down was epic.

Rocks, roots, leaf litter - seriously great track.
Can't believe I grew up in Blenheim and have never been up there til today...

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Re: Where Did You Ride Today?

Postby dwgknz on Sun 22/Jan/17 8:13pm

Stormy ride up Whareroa and to the top of Dopers this afternoon. Needed out of the house after a 5 days solo with kids and had the babysitter booked so weather wasn't going to stop me. Thought I'd get lucky with the weather but I couldn't have been more wrong. Strong winds and horizontal rain on the way made an exciting ride home including having to pedal to get down Campbell Mill Road and drag a tree off Red Tape!


Finally the dropper post worked through a full wet ride thanks to some Slickoleum from Shockcraft and finally tried Fenwicks Stealth and worked well (although it's PITA to apply).
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Re: Where Did You Ride Today?

Postby mudguard on Mon 30/Jan/17 7:45pm

FIrst ride at Four Forty in about 3 years, maybe when it opened? Either way it was a great way to dial in some settings. I love to mess up my suspension by changing something every 20 minutes. So it's nice to just change one thing, pin it, then change another on the next run.
Really dry, and not crowded at all first thing. Got warm so I was done by midday.
Mental note, make sure stem bolts are properly done up...


Rode a short trail called Pear Shaped. It was really good fun. Steep and technical, and pretty much at my limit. There's no way I could ride it in the wet. Apologies for the heavy breathing and profanity.
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Re: Where Did You Ride Today?

Postby Rik on Tue 7/Feb/17 3:04pm

Just got back from the West Coast, riding the Wilderness trail.

Rained all morning :( but cleared up for late afternoon pizza on the beach :D
98.86 km
10.84 kph
698.00 m
long way down
I can't believe I survived this moment, with all the signed dangers
Cowboy paradise main street
Brightening up
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Re: Where Did You Ride Today?

Postby BrokenKonaRider on Wed 8/Feb/17 8:58pm

Great photos Rik. Big day in a wet saddle.
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Re: Where Did You Ride Today?

Postby Kev on Thu 9/Feb/17 1:44pm

I had my doubts when you posted the photo of the old GT frame and said you were going to build a gravel bike but I have to admit, it looks pretty good. How does it ride?
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Re: Where Did You Ride Today?

Postby Rik on Fri 10/Feb/17 10:19am

Sunday, return leg.

And in remarkably different conditions. Sunshine all day and 30+ degrees. Thank you very much.