Uci Best Performance For One Hour Record For Jim Mcmurray

Postby Melissa_Theuriau on Tue 22/Mar/16 12:53pm

On Saturday 19th of March Jim McMurray of Tirau raced against the clock at the
Avantidrome on his Avanti Pista to break the Best Performance One Hour Record, masters
55 - 59 age group, with a leg blasting 47.733 kms cycled within the hour.

The National One Hour record was also broken, with McMurray beating the current record
by 36 meters, which, at the pace he was riding, equates to a mere 2.6 seconds. The New
Zealand record is open to riders of any age to compete for, with McMurray’s time being the
quickest time ever recorded, as recognized by Cycling New Zealand.

McMurray had been training for six months in the lead up to Saturdays’ record breaking
attempt and did not disappoint spectators who made it to Cambridge to cheer on his
efforts, many of which know Jim personally through his many years in the cycling industry.
When asked what kept him going throughout the grueling 60 minute leg-burning race,
McMurray put it down to the crowd, which can be heard cheering him on in a short clip
posted on Facebook by Avanti bikes, and having ‘a good mind set’.

Jim’s greatest concern on the day of his attempt was getting a flat tyre, fortunately all
went without a hitch with McMurray citing his focus was kept on ‘keeping to the pace line’.
McMurray said the hardest part of the race was the last five laps when he had to dig deep
to pick up an already fast pace, which paid off with his 2.6 second triumph over the
previous New Zealand record holder.

McMurray’s title is now pending results to officially be named the World One Hour Record
holder in the Performance category (typically takes 3-4 weeks to be confirmed), however
the National One Hour record has already been validated. With pained gluts McMurray was
asked if he would do it again, to which he responded he would, if he needed to.

Purple Heart Foundation was there with a team of collectors, raising just over $1,000 for
the cause.

Always on the go, McMurray is already thinking of his next races; with the National Road
Race in April and the World Championships in Perth in September
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Re: Uci Best Performance For One Hour Record For Jim Mcmurray

Postby Rik on Tue 22/Mar/16 12:56pm

Reckon I'd struggle to make 37.733km. Good on him
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