Running Lights

Postby WayneG on Sat 4/Jul/09 8:16pm

What lights are you using for running on these dark nights? I'm board with running around town and want to head back out in to the country but need lights to see and be seen. What are people using? :ib:
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Re: Running Lights

Postby CookedCray on Sat 4/Jul/09 10:01pm

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Re: Running Lights

Postby Scotty on Sat 4/Jul/09 10:57pm

Agreed. That's what I've got. :)
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Re: Running Lights

Postby danose on Sun 5/Jul/09 8:09am

I've used the Black Diamond Icon (similar to the silva) - it's ok, but doesn't throw a big enough beam for full on off-road at night.

I'm now using my old Nightlightning Blaast (wide optics) with the headmount kit and the smallest (2200mAh) battery instead - a bit overkill (espec on full power) but beats tripping over rocks I didn't see (and can drop the power level down to saner levels).

SLG has been running the headmount kit for her ayups, together with the original (luxeon - 180lumen) lights with the wide beam - again very nice (and lighter than the NL kit), though nowhere near as bright at the Blasst (she's also got a mk2 light set with the crees - but narrow beam for helmet use so not so good for running)
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Re: Running Lights

Postby LostOrienteer on Mon 10/Aug/09 11:04pm

Silva L1's are ok but if you want some nice big lights we use these for night orienteering/running all the time: ... productId={DED2D448-1D18-484A-A0A0-B36B276864DE}

There is quite a bit of development going on over europe in making orienteering headlamps using LED and High intensity discharge lights.

Petzl released this range after Tio-mila (big night relay orienteering race in Sweden) 2007

Its also reasonably easy to make your own (if you know what your doing) out of an old cheap headlamp as a casing, just your normal halogen downlights and Li-ion batteries.
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Re: Running Lights

Postby Yogi on Tue 11/Aug/09 8:55am

I bought a Petzl Myo 5 ages ago thinking I'd be needing all the extra light of a halogen for route finding and 5 LED's for a trail..... however I found it too bulky and my wife’s Petzl Zipka Plus works great for trail running. I'd recommend going light, as you don't need as much power as you think (unless you're orienteering), you don't need to be able to see 100m down the track, you just need the area in front of you well lit. 4 LED's or equivalent on average batteries means you'll be easily seen by others too.

The other great thing about the Zipka Plus is that I wrap it around my wrist when I don’t need it and as it gets dark I then stick it on. No need to wear it through the streets or carry a bag if you’re just shooting out for an hour or so in the evening.
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