Postby jo on Tue 18/Mar/08 8:10pm

I was out on the road today (on my mtb mind) and I was also amazed at the level of f&ckwittedness the drivers were showing today. I ride almost every day, so I have pretty good nerves at the worst of times, but a smith&smith van came so close to me on the leadup to the first Petone roundabout that I think I could have stuck my elbow out (while holding the bars) and touched it.
I had words with him later (he pulled into the smith&smith depot about 200 metres later so I stopped in for a chat) and after some discussion he said he would be more careful. Meantime... I shakily headed off to wainui. :huh: *shakes head*
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Postby rochie on Tue 18/Mar/08 8:49pm

Beeker wrote:
:p How long does it take to climb over to Port Levy on average?

City - Dyers Pass - Port Levy Rd Summit - Gebbies - Mot - City

took 4hrs. I get bored after that.
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Postby Oli on Tue 18/Mar/08 8:51pm

Good on you, Jo! I had the chance to "chat" to one of the perpetrators of my close calls today, but I decided I was too angry to be rational so I sailed on by the FUCKING WANKER!!!! :angry:
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Postby cauld on Wed 19/Mar/08 9:06am

Round The Bays for a functional threshold power test.
384 Watts average over 20min so call that 364 Watts over 60 minutes (20min power less 5%).

Pretty damn stoked actually.

Of course I'm a porker at the moment (112kg this morning) so still only 3.25w/kg... but I reckon I can knock 10-1kg off in weight over the next 12 months and probably lift my power output over 20 mins abouve 400 Watts.... Which should get me up towards 4w/kg
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Postby Fergie on Wed 19/Mar/08 9:16am

Did you do the 5min maximal effort before the test to burn a few matches and reduce the influence of the anaerobic system on the 20min test?
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Postby cauld on Wed 19/Mar/08 9:51am

Followed the FTP test protocol per Allen and Coggan
5min @ RPE 10
10-15 minutes @ RPE 6
20 Min @ max pace
Ride home @ RPE 6
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Postby Joel on Wed 19/Mar/08 10:14am

Fergie wrote: Did you do the 5min maximal effort before the test to burn a few matches and reduce the influence of the anaerobic system on the 20min test?

i am going to try using the monod power calc for estimating CP60 over the winter, performing two tests within a session, a 5min all out, and 10min all out..(with a warm up before hand of course) the spreadsheet then spits out CP60 number.

also has the benefit of tracking the 5min power as i do want to work on that aspect as well and i am not going to be as focused CP60 focused next season, as i think it lead to me not focuing on the short duration power enough (ie 3-5min )

and good stuf cauld your putting out some very very good power there. like you said, drop some weight and also look at your road position to make sure you can be as aero as you can.. and you be a menace on the flat!
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Postby bigjimsty on Wed 19/Mar/08 5:41pm

Did a 40min blowout on the trainer this morning, sat on an average HR of 172bpm which was very pleasant I must say.
I think I may only be able to watch TDF Stage 7 one more time before it gets treated to the inside of our wheelie bin.
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Postby bigjimsty on Fri 21/Mar/08 2:25pm

Gave myself a good test this morning, wanted to see how my power was on the bike now that I am training less. I was trying for a negative split, and luckily got a tailwind on the way home so I was flooring it pretty hard and able to get it. Only took in 300ml of fluid though which wasn’t so bright, didn’t feel the greatest by the time I got home :blush:
Anyway, got my goal of going out and staying between 80-85% of my max HR so was pleased with the effort. Anyone know if there’s any Vorber’s that ride in Wattie’s kit? I passed a couple just after 8am as they were just starting their ride – faces looked familiar?

DIST: 59.9km
TIME: 1hr44
AVE HR: 164
MAX HR: 186
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Postby Beeker on Fri 21/Mar/08 3:56pm

Cruisey City - Tai Tapu - Cashmere - City ride today. View on the Old Tai Tap road wasn't too bad... :blush:
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Postby Stun on Fri 21/Mar/08 4:14pm


Rode down the hill on the start of my ride this morning, when I saw my friend driving up the same hill... he'd driven to Dunners from Chch to stay with us. Needless to say, I cut the ride short and turned right back around. A grand total of 2ks under my wheels today...
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Postby laurenw on Fri 21/Mar/08 5:06pm

Beautiful ride around Napier today its amazing up here although have heard its been hot everywhere. The training up here is awesome!! No wonder Ramblers used to have the biggest club until most of the CHCH ones merged.
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Postby cauld on Fri 21/Mar/08 5:15pm

:pmob: i like her yellow top :-)
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Postby pinna on Fri 21/Mar/08 7:26pm

Laps of hackthorne Road.......
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Postby Al_Bushman on Fri 21/Mar/08 7:50pm

Figure 8 for me. Given the Summit Road was closed there were HEAPS of people doing SB's today so I had fun mowing down lots of bunch rides with the odd chaser to make things fun! :)
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