Starting A Dvd Collection? Must Haves!

Postby Lamedoggo on Tue 7/Jun/05 5:18pm

Dazed and Confused.

A brilliant movie set in the 70s about the last day of school before the summer holidays.
Beer, pot and chicks, we follow a group of Freshmen and the next years seniors as they bust out of school and hit the parties.

Definatley one for the library!
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Postby eugene on Tue 7/Jun/05 5:22pm

donny darko. classic. pure brilliance and unique.

oh and the starwars trilogy, back to the future blah blah....
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Postby squished_cat on Tue 7/Jun/05 5:28pm

eugene87 wrote:donny darko. classic. pure brilliance and unique.

w3rd :cool:

Pulp Fiction. :thumbsup:
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Postby fox on Tue 7/Jun/05 5:34pm

the monty python show

that 70's show box set

and for gods sake not star trek ..
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Postby Vinnie on Tue 7/Jun/05 5:35pm

Lock, Stoc & Two Smoking Barrels
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Postby unicyclistjoe on Tue 7/Jun/05 5:37pm

The Usual Suspects
Black Books
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Postby fraserb on Tue 7/Jun/05 5:38pm

Ronin :thumbsup: the best car chase movie EVA!
the original Italian Job.

many many MTB DVDs including all the NZ ones you can lay your hands on
the complete Red Dwarf collection.
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Postby wachtourak on Tue 7/Jun/05 5:47pm

Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill, Saw

I second fraserb's choices.
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Postby Friendly Llama on Tue 7/Jun/05 5:51pm

"the new guy" if your into road trip-esque movies.

Fight club, lock stock, snatch, anyhting tarantino did.
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Postby |ncary on Tue 7/Jun/05 5:57pm

And Napolean Dynamite, cheers to Dinsy with that recommendation.
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Postby Friendly Llama on Tue 7/Jun/05 6:02pm

I found Napoleon Dynamite to be well average. Might have just been the mood I was in though. Seemed hella boring.
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Postby Dazzle on Tue 7/Jun/05 8:12pm

No point buying such common dvds. Rent em, watch them twice, save yourself the $30 difference from the purchase price.
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Postby jeremyb on Tue 7/Jun/05 8:13pm

Full Metal Jacket.
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Postby happybaboon on Tue 7/Jun/05 8:16pm

Die Hard Trilogy.
Star Wars Trilogy.
Both 'Bad Boys' movies.
The Bourne Identity and Supremacy.
Top Gun.

If I'm not in the mood for one of these movies, then there's something seriously seriously wrong with me.
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Postby Jono on Tue 7/Jun/05 8:17pm

I found that the computer exchange in london was good for 2nd hand and overstock DVDs - we got lots of buffy stuff for viccles, and classics such as taxi driver for me...all goodness
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