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To make the most of riding your virtual Orb you my choose to connect vorb to your indoor training setup. To manage this, you’ll need a couple of apps to be running on your Computer:

    Golden Cheetah

Golden Cheetah Quick Start

Visit: =}

Installing the application will require you to accept installing from an unknown publisher. You will also need to install the C++ redistributable, if you don’t already have it installed.

Starting GC
When you first run GC you will be asked for an athlete profile directory, this is where GC will store all your profile details. Remember this location, you will need this location to tell the VORB GCConnect app. where to read your live ride data.
Once GC is started, you will need to go into ‘Train’ mode. First time you do this you will have the option to run the ‘Add Device’ wizard. I’m running a bog standard ant+ trainer so select the first option:

You then pair your trainer or individual devices. Click next give the trainer setup a name.

Starting a Session

From the ‘Train’ screen, first click connect button (power button) to turn it from red to green. If it goes green then you are connected to your device(s) and are ready to start. Click the start button (play triangle).

GCConnect Quick Start

Visit =} GCConnectApp/setup.exe
Installing the application will require you to accept installing from an unknown publisher. You may also need to agree installing the dot net framework. This will create a GCConnect shortcut on your desktop.
Starting the GCConnect app.

Starting the GCConnect app. You will need to enter the location of the athlete profile directory you used to set up Golden Cheetah.

Next enter your Vorb Virtual Rider Key, which you will be given when you first visit the v-orb home screen (course selection screen) or can be found in the profile tab of your VORB account.
Make sure you are actually riding course over on the vorb website. The app. Will assume you are riding the last course you rode. If this is the first, and haven’t started any courses yet, then you’ll get the above error. This is normal, as soon as you select a course over on vorb GCConnect will automatically connect and the status will start displaying ride data.

Decide how you want to ride. Tourist mode, no physics. Or Racing mode, full physics. Note: Switching modes mid-ride may cause you to ‘jump’ on course.

Tourist mode (zero physics)
Takes the speed from the trainer. So regardless of gradient/surface etc. your virtual speed will equal the rear wheel speed.

Racer mode (Full physics)
Your virtual speed is calculated from the power you pedal, taking into account external virtual factors eg. gradient, surface, slipstream, etc. Note: You will require a power meter either on bike or trainer.

That’s it, you’re good to go! Just pedal and enjoy.

Choosing a course to ride

(1) Make sure you’re logged into vorb.
(2) Click on the v-orb menu item or Visit: vorblanding.php
(3) Click the ride (bicycle) icon on the course you want to ride.
Then jump on your bike and get pedalling.
I don’t have a trainer; I just want to watch from the sofa?
You can adjust the speed you want to follow the course via the + and – buttons. Then when you ride a course you will progress the course at the constant speed selected.

Creating and uploading you own course

Courses can be created from existing courses you have previously ridden in the real world or created from scratch using whichever design tool you are comfortable with, for specifics on how to do this in your favoured tool, see below:
Garmin Connect: ... 4jqa91EJs8
Strava (subscription required):
This list is by no means an exhaustive list, there are many other tools out there.

Once you have created your route, export it as GPX.
From the Home screen, browse to the file you exported previously, give the course a meaningful name.
By default , courses are created private and can only be seen and ridden by you. If you wish everyone to see or ride your course, uncheck the Private checkbox.
Finally click the upload button. If the GPX file is valid, the course will appear in your list of courses ready to be ridden.

Riding a course
V-ORB-Screenshot (1).jpg

(1) Menu
(2) Other riders on course
(3) Rider data fields
(4) Rider’s Leaderboard
(5) Course map
(6) Course profile

Menu Items
Home – Return to course selection screen REMEMBER to save your ride data before leaving the screen
Show/hide – Show/hide the course you are currently riding on aerial map view
Zoom + - Zoom in on aerial map view
Zoom – - Zoom in on aerial map view
GPX –Download GPX trace of current session, no power data. Useful for uploading to Strava, Garmin, etc.
TCX - Download TCX trace of current session, with power data if available. Useful for uploading to Strava, Garmin, etc.

Contact Us
If you experience any issues, or have a question, reply below or please feel free to email or PM me

Useful Links

Golden Cheetah download:

Windows GCConnect download:

Virtual Orb Website:

Course creation tools:
Garmin Connect: ... 4jqa91EJs8
Strava (subscription required):
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