Suggest Me A Frame

Postby shmoodiver on Fri 14/Apr/17 4:16pm

Looking to build a multi use 29er, would prefer steel, must have braze ons for racks etc, needs to accommodate a tapered fork and have geo based on 100-120mm.

We also have a burly trailer that needs to be able to be towed by said 29er, we have hitches that work with qr so I guess a flat qr dropout is preferable unless there are trailer hitches for through axles?
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Re: Suggest Me A Frame

Postby DogsBollocks on Fri 14/Apr/17 10:09pm

A geezer I ride with has just built up a 27+ Ragley Mmbop thingy. Fuck it's cool. Multi use wise it's got a lot going for it and the frame was well cheap into the country. Could be a good option with some fettling and the bit's you may have available to yerself.
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Re: Suggest Me A Frame

Postby lastnotfast on Sun 16/Apr/17 3:23pm

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Re: Suggest Me A Frame

Postby dragon_style on Sun 16/Apr/17 6:40pm

I'm still loving my steel Honzo, doesn't have rack mounts but I assume that a Freeload or seatpost rack will take care of my Heaphy, Old Ghost Rd etc needs. Runs a 120mm sus fork as standard (tapered) and I reckon a Salsa Firestarter for bikepacking type needs with a lower race adaptor would work nicely. I have the Unit dropouts on mine so I can run a standard QR rear wheel. Isn't light, but it's fun and still gets up the Tip Track ok.
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Re: Suggest Me A Frame

Postby el_booto on Sun 16/Apr/17 7:23pm

the explosif would also do a similar thang
i'd also look at the K Monkey, new one is listed as 27+ but i wreckon you'd get a 29 in thurr with a decent size tyre no juarez
is 44mm HT so tapered or straight
has rack/fender mounts out the wahzoo
is available through a distirbutor so local warranty is a thing (if you consider such things)
threaded BB shell
modular dropouts, any axle standard joo want
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Re: Suggest Me A Frame

Postby dwgknz on Tue 18/Apr/17 8:19am

There's a large steel honzo frame on bike shelf this morning, don't know how to paste links from facebook though.

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