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Postby void on Sat 12/Jul/08 4:46am

void wrote:
Malcy wrote:
void wrote: Moved to Kamloops about 4 weeks ago and have just been checking out some tracks across the road from my house in Aberdeen. So far so good!

Have you had a play at Sunpeaks yet?

Hi Malcy - Sun Peaks closed for skiing and snowboarding about 3 or 4 weeks ago and due to reopen for bikes at end of June. Might get season pass before then.

Got my Sun Peaks pass and had 3 good days up there so far. Good variations of trails from easy smooth banked runs to full on tree roots, rocks and drop offs linked with bridges and ladders all easily accessible from the high speed quad.
Route 66 - Sun Peaks, Kamloops B.C.
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Postby demo9 on Sat 12/Jul/08 11:13am

xc ride at woodhill
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Postby NCHANT on Sat 12/Jul/08 4:00pm

Rode from Glenfield to Takapuna just to prove how unfit I am :D

First ride ont he Kona, was good! Apart from the rear spring being too soft, but that's easily replaced :)
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Postby psychavoc on Sun 13/Jul/08 6:46pm

A couple of hours up Makara :love: Koru, Sally Alley, Missing Link, 4wd to summit, Ridgeline, Ridgeline Extension, AMP Connector, Rimu, 4wd to Big Toms, Magic Carpet, end of Koru, Sally Alley, Snakecharmer to summit, Zacs, Varleys, Wahine :) Great day for it too :rolleyes:
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Postby j0e90 on Sun 13/Jul/08 7:21pm

A day of firsts

Out at Woodhill, first ride on an SS, first ride on a hardtail in 9 years? First ride on flats in about 5.

First hr Iwas thinking this SS mularky is pile of kack, then i started getting into it - hsit you really know you've been riding at the end of the day!
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Postby ThingOne on Sun 13/Jul/08 10:00pm

Awsome day out today.. Grand Loop of Makara including a loop of the track at the top I can never remember the name of, Zacs I think, and then down Ridegleine and back down a muddy Livewires, up Salvation then down to the scout hall then home..

Cant beat Welly on a crisp sunny winter day.
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Postby strangerob on Mon 14/Jul/08 8:34am

well, everybody saw the forecast report the last friday, but we went to ride anyway, I was so far from my house and i have never felt so cold like yesterday (july sat 14) , here are some pictures

Greeting from Chile, riding in WINTER, bye...

Sorry if I don´t speak english very good :D
Fisrt Meeting place.jpg
The first meeting place
Riding to the hill.jpg
Riding to "huinganal"
Rain and cold day.jpg
Raining in a very cold day brrrrr
How can I leave this fukg place.jpg
How can I leave this fu***ng place?? hahahahaha
trying to go back home.jpg
trying to go back home
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Postby strangerob on Mon 14/Jul/08 8:39am

A cold day?

All the pictures here (73)
hahaha as cold as an ice.jpg
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Postby inzane on Mon 14/Jul/08 8:40am

That certainly looks cold Rob! It was much nicer in Christchurch over the weekend... Although there was a big storm up in the mountains.

It looked like this from the top of the hill... :thumbsup:
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Postby doofus on Mon 14/Jul/08 10:54am

up the road to the top of the Karetai track again, and then down, was fun....

next time we're gonna try the Buskin / Paradise loop, then the Karetai on the way home.

then today, bike to work for a change.... :thumbsup:
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Postby Conners on Mon 14/Jul/08 3:54pm

Had the day off today after working the weekend - so thought it'd be rude not to head for Makara.

Livewires (nice work on the Skills are/Livewires entrance :thumbsup: )
Aratihi to Upper LL
Upper LL (the extension from Aratihi to ULL is a nice touch too - hadn't ridden that before)
LL to Nikau.
Nikau/ML/Aratihi to top
Angered myself by dabbing on the two techy rocky ups just before the top (wrong gear), had to try again, so....
Salley Alley part 2/ML/Aratihi again
Ridgeline (sweet as this time :thumbsup:)
Extension/Big Toms/Swigg/Starfish

I may or may not have yelped with excitement on my way down the second time, it was such a sweet run.

W00T with a capital W00T!!!!
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Postby Robbie on Mon 14/Jul/08 4:44pm

Great stuff Conners !!
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Postby Conners on Mon 14/Jul/08 4:51pm

Cheers Rob. I've only been on the bike a couple of times in the last couple on months, was nice that the legs responded to a longer ride (for me). Although I did set off with the "just take it easy" mindset, which must've paid off, cause its been a long time since I've ridden ridgeline twice in a day!

Feels good to be back and muddy again :thumbsup: (although surprisingly un-muddy at the peak. A slightly slushy section at the start of ridgeline, other than that it was pretty much just tacky goodness)
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Postby Robbie on Mon 14/Jul/08 5:18pm

You should *tackle Lazy Fern at speed for the surprise effect of some deviously tricky corners :)
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Postby HuntawayFR on Tue 15/Jul/08 6:36pm

snow park, :thumbsup:
(not on the bike, duh)
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