Postby HuntawayFR on Tue 17/Jun/08 7:58pm

skyline, for the 1st time in about 4 months :thumbsup:
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Postby slidecontrol on Tue 17/Jun/08 8:03pm

I didn't ride anywhere today cos I'm such a slack cunnzor :(
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Postby gazzbikes on Wed 18/Jun/08 10:11pm

Around in circles in the blerdy carpark again. I hate working in winter.
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Postby Spokes on Wed 18/Jun/08 10:17pm

Nice Woody ride tonight. But agreed to do a 100k road event, didnt really think that one through.
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Postby ryda on Thu 19/Jun/08 1:34pm

last night we rode end of sally, ML, leeping lizard to the bottom, up possum bait (cleaned),nikau, ML, aratah, down ridgeline, RE, swigg, starfish :thumbsup:

A tad cold but other wise an orsum ride in an empty park, strangly we only saw one other rider

the trail were running mint, ridgeline was ubber grippy :D
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Postby DropKick on Thu 19/Jun/08 1:39pm

avantibill wrote: Rode up (and down) Karetai Track. Suprised to see that it has been graded and the bike swallowing deep ruts have been filled in. Makes riding it heaps easier and faster as there are no ruts to catch you out. Not really a challenge anymore :hmmm:
thats just silly :0
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Postby psychavoc on Fri 20/Jun/08 11:42am

Yay for a predominantly off-road commute to work this morning :thumbsup: Up Salvation, around the Fenceline anti-clockwise, and down car parts then Rollercoaster. Lovely day for it also! :love:
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Postby Jono on Fri 20/Jun/08 2:35pm

Me and the hippy did a wee ride last night - from home (via wadestown for Mike), up onto skyline via Crofton Downs, and south along skyline and down Wahine. It was amazing how still (and warm-ish) it was on the eastern side of hills, but anything exposed to the west was as windy (and cold) as a bastard.

Then up St Albans into Makara peak, along magic carpet for a little sift in the skills area (doing the jumps at night is, well, spooky), then a finish with down lazy fern (grrr for trees on the inside/apex of otherwise nicely sweeping corners - we were trying to make it down without pedalling and there are a couple of corners where you can't get a lean on because of foilage), and back home.
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Postby yakuza on Sat 21/Jun/08 6:33pm

Went to levin today. Rode Gardiner's track for the first time, and a couple of runs down nats.
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Postby sircrashalot on Sat 21/Jun/08 6:40pm

i hated gardiner's that big hill we walk up coz of u tyler. :hmmm:
did the big step up at was fun there.
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Postby dented on Sat 21/Jun/08 7:05pm

up the hill.jpg
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Postby pushbikerider on Sat 21/Jun/08 7:12pm

Went for a sift through the redwoods with my partner, we had a good ride, just reode out the front , but it was good fun :thumbsup:
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Postby dented on Sat 21/Jun/08 7:15pm

Hey thats 2 weeks in a row youve got her out on a bike Deano
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Postby kuna on Sat 21/Jun/08 7:16pm

Oh so that was you guys we saw at levin. Sorry whoever it was I clipped coming up that step up haha possibly the gammiest jump of the day too :D
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Postby JohnnyC on Sat 21/Jun/08 7:28pm

Went for a good huss around North Avon bmx track, starting to get that a bit more dialled :thumbsup: Still had an afternoon to kill after that so I hit up brakefree and saw quite a few dudes sessioning it too :)

Finally got something I had been trying last few times I was there, land one jump in a manual, then hold it to the next jump and launch from the back wheel to dot down on the landing, stoked :D
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