Postby Stun on Sun 9/Dec/07 7:16pm

mtbrat wrote:
Stun wrote: Road Government Track with Vinnie.
Both us rode through a lot of stinging nettle... my hands were a mess - even through full fingered gloves.
Still great ride on a great track. If three bogs were removed and the stingy plants were eradicated, the track would be legendary... but probably over ridden.

Great stuff, did the ongaonga bring a tear to your eye :satan:

how far did you get?

It is a legendary ride

Yep - my legs and arms are still stinging today :crazy:
Got right to the top (naturally), very cruisy ride. Nice weather, no one else on the track and it was completely dry save the 3 year long bogs.
Now if only those Onaonga plants could fuck off... :(
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Postby Oli on Sun 9/Dec/07 7:50pm

Monolith wrote: Went for a sift extremely rapid ride up at Makara that won me 2nd place in my class at the Tour de Peak. Heaps of people out enjoying the trails - was great to see :D

Fixxored. ;)
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Postby skeletor on Sun 9/Dec/07 7:57pm

Went for a sift up Makara, post rally, to test my new 4x rig. Hit a rock with my pedal down ridgeline and got wrecked. Stupidly good fun. My knee hurts now :D
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Postby Butch on Sun 9/Dec/07 8:02pm

Oli wrote:
Monolith wrote: Went for a sift extremely rapid ride up at Makara that won me 2nd place in my class at the Tour de Peak. Heaps of people out enjoying the trails - was great to see :D

Fixxored. ;)

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Postby Oli on Sun 9/Dec/07 8:05pm


He was fair stomping! :0
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Postby CrustyMTB on Sun 9/Dec/07 8:18pm

Sifted on Salvation, Deliverance, then up the peak and down ridgeline... Cleaned Deliverance, cleaned everything!!

And Chur Oli, the new back wheel is magic, makes the bike float up hills... :D
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Postby Oli on Sun 9/Dec/07 8:20pm

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Postby psychavoc on Sun 9/Dec/07 9:28pm

It's kinda disconcerting when you're out there on the MTB for almost three hours, and you look down at your speedo and you've only done 27km! :blush:

But (for the most part) I had fun today :) Longest and toughest race I've ever done. Especially in that hot, hot sun!
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Postby mitch7 on Mon 10/Dec/07 6:40pm


5 X marlbough
8+ Nelson riders did the Ono-Waka ride...trail in primo condition..rock hard,
did well considering numbers, range of fitness(mine sh*t to average),bikes...freakin single speeders :crazy: and some town and around Avanti :)

I managed to impale leg with seat just down from the big descent..and get 3 punctures from then on...bloody heck...

still ..good fun!
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Postby samosa on Tue 11/Dec/07 3:29pm

3 hours up mt vic testing out the new bike. it was sweet.
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Postby Nick_K on Tue 11/Dec/07 7:20pm

A lap of sandy point on the cross bike. Surprising good fun.

Started absolutly pissing down on the road ride home though.
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Postby HuntawayFR on Tue 11/Dec/07 7:35pm

new 7 mile tracks tonight, good times, but a bit slippery though with a little shower on a months worth of dust :p
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Postby Mr_Bob on Wed 12/Dec/07 10:12pm

5 hours in vegas, Right up hot X, way out the back to Billy T and beyond....
legs are stuffed, but i'm still smiling!
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Postby free_rider21 on Thu 13/Dec/07 4:19pm

Where I have ridden in the last two weeks

Sunday 2nd December - Naseby. Rode a lot of the trails down there. Got lost a fair bit. Some cool trails.

Monday 3rd December - Old man range in Alexandra - Got a ride to about half way up, so still a fair way to climb. Freezing at the top. Awesome long down hill.

Tuesday 4th December- MTB Heaven - Very short ride, didnt really know where to go and went down a really unused trail.

Tue 4th Dec - Headed up Skyline in Queenstown. Come down Vertigo. Awesome trail, so flowy. :love:

Wed 5th Dec - Fernhill in Queenstown. Pretty cool trail. Should have headed down the beach forest side but went down to Mini-dream. Had a look around there, then went down Wynyard downhill track and back to town.

Wed 5th Dec - In the afternoon headed up to Skippers Saddle and shuttled Zoot track. Really cool track, pretty fast with wall rides and a few jumps.

Thur 6th Dec - Woke up early and went for a quick ride up skyline and do the awesome vertigo again.

Thur 6th Dec - In the late afternoon had a quick blast around sticky forest.

Fri 7th Dec - Sticky forest again.

Tue 11th Dec - Headed up the port hills. Rode some really really short track down to Vic Park. Rode back up to the top alond bowenvale ridgeline track and then down bowenvale downhill track. Started getting sore eyes from hayfever so called it quits.

And finally today back in Nelson - Planned to go and ride turners and dead dog but had been on the bike less than a minute and it started to spit so just went up walters bluff.

All in all a good fortnight of riding.
Old man range
Old man range - at the top
Old man range -the very long downhill
Mmmm Vertigo
View from the top of skyline
Fernhill - beach forest
View from the top of fernhill
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Postby yakuza on Thu 13/Dec/07 5:00pm

awesome, lokks like you did some good riding
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