Postby cmdr_keen on Sun 28/Oct/07 10:12pm

Mate's girlfriend shuttled us at Maidstone :D was so dry and dusty though :-/
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Postby Flyboy on Mon 29/Oct/07 8:14am

Yesterday ot Oropi, had a fantastic ride- first real ride out since i moved up here. Had an awesome bunch of guides as well; Fraserb, Gav, Mr Bob & b_woo- cheers guys, fully loved gettingout there again, had no idea Oropi had so much to offer :D
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Postby DirtDiva on Mon 29/Oct/07 10:12am

mtbrat wrote: Rode the wharfedale out to Townsend and back, cracker day, good company, I am broken :blush:

A very nice day out. Tiring though - was all tucked up in bed by 9.15pm. Rather sore shoulders today. I guess I shouldn't have pushed so much on the way up from the hut. :D
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Postby onyabike on Mon 29/Oct/07 1:01pm

Yesterday 10 of us rode up to the new R&R track and had some fun on that. Then climbed Kaka from Bob Fern road and did a run of the Broken Axe DH track.

Today six of us went to the Emano DH track and did five runs. Just because it was a Monday and the weather was so perfect!
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Postby mjc on Mon 29/Oct/07 1:20pm

Starting at the summit of Chacaltaya at 5,395masl then riding down the worlds highest skifield! W00t!
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Postby Nick_K on Mon 29/Oct/07 6:47pm

Had an awesome commute home on my huck ss.

Had a big explore up mt vic. The weather was beautiful and I found heaps of new tracks. Really enjoyed it.

On the way home did a run down Denton park. Was going to go do deliverence too but to hungry, had to get home and eat :)
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Postby happybaboon on Mon 29/Oct/07 6:48pm

mjc wrote: Starting at the summit of Chacaltaya at 5,395masl then riding down the worlds highest skifield! W00t!

Dude, thats awesome :0
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Postby SlackBoy on Tue 30/Oct/07 8:34pm

UP the Holloway Rd track to denton park, up to the windmill and then fenceline to top of deleiverence. Then down deliverence and back up Salvation in 18:50, scout hall (slipping and sliding on the freshly dug soil), gold mine and back home

the 18:50 I was stoked with, hadn't been down deliverence in ages so wasn't at full noise. Few sketchy's when having to take hand off bars to push ma glasses back up my nose. I reckon a sub 18 is fully possible, maybe not by me.........but..................
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Postby sifter on Tue 30/Oct/07 9:23pm

SlackBoy wrote: UP the Holloway Rd track to denton park,

you mean Raroa Rd? :eh:
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Postby free_rider21 on Tue 30/Oct/07 9:26pm

Redwoods, turners and dead dog. There was national police downhill championship along fireball. Never knew there was such a thing.
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Postby psychavoc on Sat 3/Nov/07 1:37pm

Gasp! This thread had fallen to the second page of the forum :0 That just won't do!

Had the most AWESOME time on the bike today! :thumbsup: Rode the PNP course (Class C) for next weekend up Makara - St Albans, Big Toms Wheelie, Magic Carpet, Koru, Sally Alley, ML, Upper Leaping Lizard/Nikau, ML, Aratihi, Zacs, Ridgeline, Big Toms Wheelie, Magic Carpet, Livewires), then headed over to ride up Salvation and down Deliverence :cool:

Soooo dry and fun out there at the moment :rolleyes:
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Postby hickie on Sat 3/Nov/07 3:53pm

Did Mawsons fire-break from the top of Towai down towards the bottom of the Wainui hill road, man it's steep in places, I couldn't ride it all :0 :blush:

Damn shame that it spits you out on some lovely single track that is for walkers only, it's darn hard pushing your bike along bits of track you want to ride ;)
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Postby VERT on Sat 3/Nov/07 4:08pm

Had a sifty up Makara this morning, just about to go up MT Vic for a quicky now :)
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Postby free_rider21 on Sat 3/Nov/07 4:08pm

Supplejack. So much fun.
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Postby chalky on Sat 3/Nov/07 4:20pm


Rode to the video store and back today...
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