Postby Jacob on Mon 22/Oct/07 6:04pm

Hilton at Wanganui, was great fun until I crashed..... I didn't ride any more after that.
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Postby Nick_K on Mon 22/Oct/07 7:44pm

To lazy for the epic I was going to go on so instead did redrocks/mt albert/mt vic. Still a nice ride on a bueatiful Wellington day.
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Postby Barks on Mon 22/Oct/07 8:25pm

Summerhills out the back of Welcome Bay. Did a couple of trails before a tree leapt out in front of me. I did the heroic thing though, and shoulder charged it just to let it know who was boss :D

It fired me for serious misconduct soon afterwards....
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Postby leeman on Mon 22/Oct/07 8:27pm

Did the tairua dh and a few jumps
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Postby mtbrat on Mon 22/Oct/07 8:38pm

we done rode the double fenceline


what a motley crew
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Postby tartgrandmother on Mon 22/Oct/07 9:09pm

leeman wrote: Did the tairua dh and a few jumps

where is the tairua dh???
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Postby pushbikerider on Mon 22/Oct/07 9:13pm

Went out for a sift to K-loop with UR Savage, its nice 'n sloppy out there at the mo

had a great ride to be fair :thumbsup:
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Postby free_rider21 on Mon 22/Oct/07 9:34pm

Went up to Queen Charlotte for the weekend.

On the saturday I rode from Mistletoe Bay to Portage. The last downhill to portage was very fun.

On the sunday I rode from Punga to feurneaux and back.

And finally today I rode the James vogel track and then from Mistletoe bay to Anakiwa.

56 kms in total. Awesome weekend.
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Postby Monolith on Mon 22/Oct/07 10:04pm

Today I had a nice sifty walk/ride. :thumbsup:

Headed up Salvation on foot with the in-laws and wife to have a gander at the Wrights Hilll Fortress - all sorts of interesting WWII stuff to see, along with a couple of kms of underground tunnels :) . Wandered back down Salvation, with the wind almost non-existant and the sun shining I offloaded the parents and raced home to grab my bike :D

Salvation - Deliverance (x3), then lazy fern, sally alley, 4wd to the top, and finished off with an awesome run down trickle falls :D
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7:15 at Makara Peak
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Postby mjc on Tue 23/Oct/07 8:59am

Mundi and I caught a ride up to La Cumbre and explored our way back down some old roads and what we assume were llama tracks, finishing up back in the centre of La Paz. Amazing the funny things you see in the middle of nowhere out here!
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Postby mitch7 on Tue 23/Oct/07 12:14pm

Yesterday Whites Bay Loop with Simon and Crayfish from Nelson..
Headed up towards Mt Robertson peak first, but wind and cold caused us to turn around,
Bombed our way back...excellent ride.. :) :) :)

Sunday rode up Port Underwood fire roads with Blair from Wellington(him xc nut and way to fit) i rode behind him, got to top of ridgeline worked across to a Skid site, I dropped down the steep(very unused) trail, while Blair rode the main fire road back...

Trail I rode was pretty steep, and loose, some braking was achieved by laying bike on its side and using left handle-bar as brake(very unintentional) :p ..seemed to work though :) ...

Lets here it for long weekends!!! yeehaa!
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Postby yakuza on Tue 23/Oct/07 5:18pm

school and back
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Postby cmdr_keen on Tue 23/Oct/07 7:17pm

To my calculus exam at uni and back via Bike Barn woop woop, shoulder to screwed to ride proper :(
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Postby Conners on Tue 23/Oct/07 9:34pm

Not today - but yesterday we had a lovely ride in the Nui:
Up Jungles+Labyrinth
Mt Lowry to Zig Zag
Jungles + Labyrinth again
Spoon Hill.

Gutted that I dabbed down an easy section of Spoon Hill, so close to my elusive maiden clean run...
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Postby IntenseFreerider on Tue 23/Oct/07 9:37pm

Made the push to the top of makara peak and got buffeted around by the wind at the top before we headed into some shelter. Good cruisy ride down ridgeline to the skills area then i noticed my backwheel was finger tight (12mm bolt through axle) and no tools to do it up, doh. Rolled slowly down livewires which was pretty gutting.

Finished the day off with riding some quite moist track with a good coating of pine needles on the offcamber to spice things up.
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