Postby orangecruz on Sun 12/Aug/07 6:07pm

Makara. Nikau Valley, Ridgleline, Zac's, Varley's - and a whole lot in between. WOOT!
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Postby Robbie on Sun 12/Aug/07 6:28pm

I done Deliverence, Salvation twice and ScoutHall.

Many thanks to Monolith for coaching me thru the stuff that I could not do before!

Bike is now clean, however there is dried mud scattered throughout my place :(
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Postby ShoreBoy on Sun 12/Aug/07 7:05pm

Spent Friday/Saturday riding in Rotorua. God I love those trails. New jump trail called HUCKleberry Hound is minta, bit squishy now but will be ace in summer! :thumbsup:
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Postby Butch on Sun 12/Aug/07 7:10pm

After 3 weeks of not having an XCish bike I finally got fed up enough to fix the missus's Hardrock (which incidentally, she'd been bugging me to do for about 2 months :paranoid:) and went on a mission.

Up Rapaki, round the traverse and thompsons to sign of the kiwi, then down the botttom bit of Flying Nun and Old Dyers Pass rd.

I hate that bike. Crappy brakes and forks at high speed on unfamiliar trails is a bit of an eye opener! :D Tottaly spoilt for having so much sweet singletrack right out the back door though. We're SO buying a house somewhere round here. :)
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Postby rackerrack on Sun 12/Aug/07 7:18pm

Got a few shuttles in today.Excellent!
Just managed to sqeeze five decent size bikes on the rack.
Still haven't found one that dosen't fit,allthough the GT was a mission.
shut 001.JPG
shut 002.JPG
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Postby Butch on Sun 12/Aug/07 7:21pm

Wheres that then?
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Postby rackerrack on Sun 12/Aug/07 7:29pm

Butch wrote: Wheres that then?

Top of Deliverance.
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Postby Nick_K on Sun 12/Aug/07 8:02pm

Great day for riding it Wellington.

Fenceline, windmill, redrocks, mt albert, mt vic (checking out some nasty ss climbs) and then fenceline and down scout hall to finish off home.
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Postby SlackBoy on Sun 12/Aug/07 8:59pm

Ya, I went to Makara carpark, hammered some signs, bottom of trickles, hammered a sign, to the Karori sports club cafe for a hot chocie, then up to to of Makara Rd via a quick stop at Sifters for a loan of some shorts, to hammer some more signs, then to St albans shed to hamer more signs, and stash the bike and then walk up and down St Albnas and allington rd with a letterbox drop, then back to the cafe for another hot choccie and bacon and eggs. then met Noodles and up Koru, sally's, missing link, leaping lizard to the bottom, up Possum, down Nikau, missing, aratehi, zacs, varleys, wahine and back to st albans to grab bag, and the to the shower. I done got muddy
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Postby pushbikerider on Sun 12/Aug/07 9:11pm

I went and xc "raced" at our local club winter series, race was out at Santoft forrest :thumbsup: , course was awesome, riding was good, I went OK I guess, still got smoked by the old guys and juniors, but had a ball
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Postby mtbrat on Sun 12/Aug/07 9:18pm

I rode a couple of laps at Haven and indulged in a cracker view or three and contemplated the work of the latest dig day that allowed me this freedom

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Postby Butch on Sun 12/Aug/07 9:22pm

how far did you get built along the top track in the end?
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Postby Monolith on Sun 12/Aug/07 9:29pm

Went for a ride at makara with the wife this morning :love:

just a lower loop, but always good to get out with such fine company :D

After that, headed up wrights hill for some deliverance loving with mr. Racer. Once down there, before hooking up with Vert and Ekman_rider for another couple of runs down deliverance. Then it was a couple of runs down scout hall, before heading over to Mt Vic for another 2 runs to finish the day off.

Left home at 10:30, home at 5:30 - muddy, fuxx0red, and happy :)
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Postby chalky on Sun 12/Aug/07 9:30pm

rode signal hill today for the first time, it was awesome,esp in the mud!
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Postby free_rider21 on Sun 12/Aug/07 9:44pm

Up and down the street a couple of times.
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