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Postby E Dogg Capizzle on Sat 14/Jul/07 8:09pm

I've been playing a shite load of games recently given the crappy weather. Presently I'm playing The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion, which I'm just geeking out too. GET THE POTION GET THE POTOION!!!! Huge game. I like undressing the dead chicks (or the goblins) and dry humping them. :)

I also finished FEAR the other week, which was a bit of a hit and miss. The horror elements were excellent, but the graphics were a bit dull on the PS3 (compared to Resistance; the difference being FEAR was a port I'm guessing), and the feel was really mushy (again compared to Resistance which is one of the tightest FPS games I've played on any format).

Next I'm probably going to get The Darkness. :thumbsup:
E Dogg Capizzle
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Postby leopold on Sat 14/Jul/07 9:29pm

Your momma!
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Postby onerahi on Sat 14/Jul/07 9:42pm

gaunlet,street fighter champ ecition and dragons lair....finishing a new mame cabinet this weekl
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Postby adam_r on Sat 14/Jul/07 9:45pm

The Elder Scrolls: Oblivion and The Darkness (on xbox)

good games. :)
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Postby Monolith on Sat 14/Jul/07 9:46pm

Still on Halo2 and any GTA I can get my hands on :blush:
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Postby adam_r on Sat 14/Jul/07 9:47pm

About to play Call of Juarez.
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Postby dhroadie on Sat 14/Jul/07 9:50pm

god of war II and a spot of tiger woods. i don't think the second GOW is as good as the first tho, even though it's pretty bloody good.
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Postby NzO on Sat 14/Jul/07 10:01pm

FIFA 2005 at the moment. Kinda boring but also kinda addictive.
Just finished Splinter Cell & Splinter Cell: Double Agent, good games :)
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Postby free_rider21 on Sat 14/Jul/07 10:12pm

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Postby Bazza on Sat 14/Jul/07 10:27pm

Swat 4 and expansion (real life like swat game, uses all real life weapons and tactics)
Fifa 2007
Mx Vs ATV (one of the best games out)
GTA San Andreas

Thats all
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Postby AarowNZ on Sat 14/Jul/07 10:32pm

Rugby 2006. :paranoid:

Will probably get 08 when it comes out.

Played a bit of SSX Tricky last week as well.
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Postby MattV on Sat 14/Jul/07 10:35pm

Midnight Club 3, GT4, Area 51
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Postby Butch on Sat 14/Jul/07 11:00pm

Not playing anything at the mo- havn't quite been able to justify an xbox 360 yet. I'll put a vote in for TES Oblivion tho. And in fact all the elder scrolls games. They all rawk.

And XCOM. The original XCOM is made of ultimate win.

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Postby adam_r on Sun 15/Jul/07 7:48am

Butch wrote:

And XCOM. The original XCOM is made of ultimate win.


I had to google XCOM, but I remember it now after seeing screen shots. I used to love it.
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Postby fraserb on Sun 15/Jul/07 8:06am

Buzz jungle party, Shrek and Sponge Bob Squarepants :huh:
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