Postby mrtwisted on Thu 7/Jun/07 3:01pm

to skool lol maybe pidgeon mountain on da weekend :P
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My Ride

Postby Pro-Jumper on Thu 7/Jun/07 4:02pm

Rode forest hill, marlborough sk8park, rangi school and then rosedale bike track

was nackered after!!!! :D
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Postby b33fy14 on Thu 7/Jun/07 5:22pm

mrtwisted wrote: to skool lol maybe pidgeon mountain on da weekend :P

Same here bro.
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Postby slow_rider on Thu 7/Jun/07 8:08pm

just a bit of a sunset cruise around the back roads of Rangiora. Wicked sunset, got a bit cold though!
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Postby Scotty on Fri 8/Jun/07 3:42pm

Koru, Sally Alley, up the 4wd track to the top of makara, down zac's and varleys, down that one that comes out onto the sports ground and home again.

Bloody cold wind today. :(

...but I still got to ride. :)
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Postby psychavoc on Fri 8/Jun/07 3:43pm

Wahine :)
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Postby Nick_K on Fri 8/Jun/07 3:44pm

Goldmine, Mt vic (No I didn't light the fire!), sift at declans then home.
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Postby b33fy14 on Sat 9/Jun/07 6:32am

Pigion Mt
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Postby free_rider21 on Sat 9/Jun/07 1:48pm

Turners and dead dog.
Very fun ride.
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Postby CleverNickName on Sat 9/Jun/07 4:33pm

Headed up to show some guys three sisters in the akatarawas. it's really dry and fast at the moment. :thumbsup: If you know where it is get in before winter.

then had a sift around at Kapiti for a bit
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Postby Chickie on Sat 9/Jun/07 4:44pm

forgive me father it has been 3 weeks since my last ride...

so today I made the most of the great weather and rode koru, sally alley, ridgeline extention , big tom's wheelie, swigg/starfish, salvation, scout hall, rollercoaster and some track (ended up at the entrance to the karori reserve) then home

I'm pooped but in a good way
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Postby Muz on Sat 9/Jun/07 4:57pm

I had a nice cruisy blat down Mt Vic (North Face trail, felt dodgy to be honest, but it was fun - a few good little drops & some good little airs over humps and berms), then cruised over town and rode Car Parts, the DH section of the Roller Coaster, then Back-door and by the time I started on Car Parts I was feeling "with it" again and my riding was "clicking", so it was grins all around & I couldn't stop laughing at the end :D
Back-door was great - just enough moisture for some really good grip, but not enough to make things slippery (like my last time up there). I love tree roots!

Apologies to the 3 guys on the Rollercoaster track who I yelled LEFT! at (didn't have time to stop and I wanted to make sure people weren't on the riding line as it could've gotten ugly).
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Postby cd on Sun 10/Jun/07 8:56pm

Today was another great day on some West Coast singletrack :D

I love the Croesus Track :love: :thumbsup:
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Postby 69freerider69 on Sun 10/Jun/07 8:58pm

shuttles at dirtpark dh track all day

even a bit of snow on the upper trail

was great, top to bottom run is about 15 mins

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Postby Butch on Sun 10/Jun/07 9:06pm

cd wrote: Today was another great day on some West Coast singletrack :D

I love the Croesus Track :love: :thumbsup:

Wow. Thats awesome. I gotta give that a crack sometime!

My weekend in review- Saturday, slept in, drove to Nelson, sifted round town, then rode Sharlands (4wd up to the top, then Ground Effect Slingshot, Scotswood Wiggles, across to Chings, then followed that back to the bottom)

Today- Aniseed Valley, 5 practice runs in the AM, then 3 race runs in the PM

All in all, a successful weekend :thumbsup:
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