Postby VERT on Sun 10/Dec/06 10:41pm

Road up the Tip track and onto Rollercoaster (down then up) over to and down deliverence, then up to the top of Makara Peak (had a 15/20 minute sleep at the top), down ridgelines down to the skills area where I mucked around for a good hour bumped into Michael, Robbieracer and squished cat road back up to the top of Makara Peak again, down the ridgelines again, down swigg/starfish down to the car park, road bike home to Newtown.

Ate no food all day apart from half of Robbie's banana, got home felt like I had been hit by a truck!

was a good ride
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Postby Monolith on Sun 10/Dec/06 10:43pm

you didn't get hit by a truck on the way home did you? :0
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Postby VERT on Sun 10/Dec/06 10:45pm

actually im not sure...
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Postby Grumpyoldman on Sun 10/Dec/06 10:59pm

Mr Smiley.
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Postby squished_cat on Sun 10/Dec/06 11:12pm

Simon_K wrote:
squished_cat wrote: I saw you today Simon.

Indeed you did, I'm hard to miss with the bright yellow car with my name on it ;) :D

Oh fuck, I thought you were the other dude...
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Postby VERT on Mon 11/Dec/06 10:15am

LOL, so thats Simon_K Still love those forks on that bike :lol:
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Postby Nick_K on Mon 11/Dec/06 6:36pm

Had the day off work so went on a bit of an epic.

Rode to korokoro stream (got a toe most of the way by Lance Armstrong,he really has let himself go since retiring. It looks like hes put on 20kg and aged 20years!!)

Up Korokoros stream, up to the top of danzig via road, down danzig.

Up to the, top of cannons head then along to belmont trig.

Down baked beans (havent riden this in a while, lots of fun)

Back in to town then up to the top of Mt Kau Kau via Northen walk way.

Along skyline back to Karori, down waihine, home, collapse on couch.
PC110110 (Small).JPG
Mt Kau Kau
PC110100 (Small).JPG
Downhill from belmont trig
PC110096 (Small).JPG
Cannons head
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Postby AarowNZ on Mon 11/Dec/06 6:44pm

Round knob :lol:
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Postby NightKid on Mon 11/Dec/06 11:43pm

AarowNZ wrote: Round knob :lol:

That sign is cool! :thumbsup:

Went to skills area today, was cool! Rode Swigg and Livewires and a few other tracks there.
Heaps of fun!
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Postby Lamedoggo on Mon 11/Dec/06 11:45pm

I rode the train today.

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Postby Oli on Mon 11/Dec/06 11:50pm

Sweet sweet bermy goodness! :thumbsup:

I rode Koru, Sally Alley, Missing Link then back the same way, down Ridgeline Extension (almost ate it on Picnic table jump but 130mm TALAS goodness saved me :love: ), Big Tom's Wheelie, and scorched (for me) the awesomeness of SWIGG/Starfish...Beautiful day, lots of sun, and not a care in the world! :)

w00t! for Makara!
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Postby SlackBoy on Mon 11/Dec/06 11:54pm

I get to ride all that tomorrow, with a bunch of kids from new plymouth
which remeinds me I need ot put brakes on my bike
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Postby Oli on Mon 11/Dec/06 11:57pm

You're taking groups in? Cool
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Postby cauld on Tue 12/Dec/06 5:50am

Lazy lower loop of Makara for me. ON the Single Speed.

Spent a good chunk of time at the skills area. My jumping is geting better... Jumping is my little mission for the summer
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Postby rackerrack on Wed 13/Dec/06 10:24pm

Excellent evening,Excellent ride.
Allways nice to ride places you've never been.
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