Postby krasher on Sat 4/Nov/06 12:09am

I rode my new bike for four hours at Oropi. Was wicked. New bike is da bomb. Hopefully bomb proof too :D
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Postby Oli on Sat 4/Nov/06 12:18am

:thumbsup: Show us it HERE
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Postby Clarky on Sat 4/Nov/06 1:51pm

Long Bays.

I saw wee Aaron Allen in the AMP multisport race. :)
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Postby fox on Sat 4/Nov/06 2:16pm

Went to makara and saw what has so far happened :thumbsup: then to mt vic for fun. Pics soon
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Postby Con-air on Sat 4/Nov/06 3:08pm

Went shuttling at Maidstone.
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Postby Stun on Sat 4/Nov/06 3:46pm

Whare Flat :thumbsup:
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Postby Monolith on Sat 4/Nov/06 4:27pm

around red rocks and up the back of long gully, up to the boundary fence then cleaned grovel :thumbsup:

then a sifty ride down into town from the wind turbine to get my new brakes fitted :D
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Postby fox on Sat 4/Nov/06 5:37pm

K here b the picks from skills area and vic Ricky_tan and myself.


Go skills area

sorry about the quality its of my phone
Skills area. Builders hard at work
Me on route to jumping the smallest jump.
Ricky tan hitting drop
And again
Did scope out 2 big un's but I couldnt Bring myself to do em. Ricky tan does though.
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Postby misnoma on Sat 4/Nov/06 6:56pm

Vegas baby! Vegas!

Took the new bike out for a thrash, absolutely loved it. Weather was great, trails were great, life is great :thumbsup: :thumbsup:

Pic of my mate up at the start of Hot X Buns, I've never ridden that track so fast hehe.
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Postby Simon_K on Sat 4/Nov/06 7:30pm

Did 5 runs down car parts then headed for Makara. 2 Runs down Ridgeline extension then Swigg and home in time for fresh baked cookies.

Was a good day out :)
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Postby XCrider on Sat 4/Nov/06 7:34pm

3 hour XC ride in the morning and then 2 runs down bownvale this arvo :D awsome day
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Postby Coyote on Sat 4/Nov/06 7:39pm

Up Rapaki, Bowenvale Traverse singletrack and then down the Vic Park dh trails. :thumbsup:

Awesome day, except I got badly sunburnt on my arms. :cry:
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Postby Steve-O on Sat 4/Nov/06 9:27pm

Mount Tsukuba, Ibragi prefecture Japan. Same area as the racing circuit in Gran Turismo 3 & 4.
Damn good trails, although illegal to ride in national parks in Japan so trails have nothing on NZ's ones, not maintained very well, all hidden away in dense bush and have to do the dodgy and hide everytime you come across some people out walking. NZ really is WAY WAY up there for our riding areas.
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Postby pushbikerider on Sat 4/Nov/06 10:38pm

spent a couple of hours sifting round on the singlespeed

it was good fun
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Postby OldCrank on Sat 4/Nov/06 10:59pm

Up Dyers Pass, down Flying Nun, Bowenvale Traverse, Mt Vernon, ....etc etc ...all the singletrack to Godley Head, Anaconda, up and out of Taylers Mistake, back to Hornby - basically a cutdown Crater Rim with a bit of road thrown in. Nailed everything except one bit just above Evans Pass
- (note to self - bring crampons and rock-climbing kit next time) :)
Also passed young Aaron, near the Witches Hat, but he was in a dream and ignored me when I said hello. :huh:

Sunny day, so now have the dreaded bikeshort tan-line. :(
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