Postby krasher on Fri 20/Oct/06 10:25pm

Oropi...switchbacks. Good fun, I love that run. Did it on my mates DMR Trailstar, I gotta get me a bike of that style, feels like I'm cheating its so much easier! (I normally ride a XC Giant Rincon)
Member for: 16 years 3 months

Postby XTC1 on Fri 20/Oct/06 10:45pm

Holy hell im getting withdrawal symptoms from not being able to ride my bike and its only been 2 days!!
Member for: 16 years 9 months

Postby saklargenil on Fri 20/Oct/06 11:29pm

i rode to school today
Member for: 16 years 9 months

Postby hickie on Sat 21/Oct/06 10:03am

I went up Wainui this morning and rode the trail I've been helping to build for the very first time :love:

I also rode the small downhill track that's nearby :D
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"I've got a singletrack mind..."
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Postby free_rider21 on Sat 21/Oct/06 1:20pm

I rode turner trail and dead dog this morning.
Very slippery and dusty. Lots of fun though. :D
Member for: 17 years 3 months

Postby Rooney on Sat 21/Oct/06 1:24pm

i rode goat track seaside and race just before lunch :)
Member for: 16 years 9 months

Postby Clarky on Sat 21/Oct/06 4:40pm

Wharfedale. :p
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Member for: 20 years 4 months

Postby HairyLegs on Sat 21/Oct/06 5:09pm

No where coz I'm at work :cry: but riding tomorrow at Cannon Point/Karapoti :D Weather forecast sounds crap :cry: but I'll still be riding :D Oh and I seem to have lost 90% of my back brake power yesterday and not had time to fix it :( but I'll still be riding :crazy: :) Then start work again at 6pm :angry: Then perhaps a night ride round Rimutaka Incline/Tunnel Gully Monday night if bike and body are up to it :paranoid:
Member for: 16 years 9 months

Postby cd on Sat 21/Oct/06 9:44pm

Kirwans :p

...but the rain got there before I did :crazy:
Kirwans 002.jpg
Kirwans 011.jpg
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Postby Quicktime09 on Sat 21/Oct/06 9:58pm

At waiouru (sp?) mil training ground...rode 20km on a 19kg steel ht beast...LAV tank tracks make good riding tracks....rode for 4 hours ish and got back just before the rain and wind settled...didn't get any pictures even though i should've
Member for: 16 years 11 months

Postby ydopen-rider on Sat 21/Oct/06 10:04pm

lava flow until my front wheel went potato chip shaped :(
Member for: 18 years 1 month

Postby michael on Sat 21/Oct/06 10:07pm

I rode up Makara peak, with my helmet and all my riding clothes on i probably weight close to 100kg, i got blown off my bike, and then my 46 pound stinky almost blew away. I had to retie my shoe laces tighter cause my shoes were almost blowing off too, then headed down ridge line with a tail wind and had to brake up all the uphill bits.
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Postby happybaboon on Sat 21/Oct/06 10:09pm

Ridgeline and wind don't really go together :lol:
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Postby Giantman on Sat 21/Oct/06 10:20pm

alexandra and clyde dh tracks
Member for: 17 years 2 months

Postby kipp on Sat 21/Oct/06 10:23pm

St Martins djs
Member for: 16 years 10 months

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