Re: New Stuff Thread....

Postby Dougal on Wed 16/Oct/19 1:28pm

AgrAde wrote:Yuck.
I've got two forks and a broken hand now, but thanks for the offer. Neither forks are good though. A first gen modern pike and a coil helm. The helm would be great if there was a spring that suited me - I'm clanging off the bottom out every 15 metres with a firm spring despite having too much compression damping, and not getting anywhere near full travel with an extra firm spring and the damper wide open. Coil can suck a fat one as far as I'm concerned.

Oh well, can't ride anyway :huh:

Sounds like you need some Hydraulic Bottom Out control!
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Re: New Stuff Thread....

Postby AgrAde on Wed 16/Oct/19 7:37pm

Yeah. You should see the email chain between Carl and I discussing the Mattoc. It's mostly just me ranting somewhat incoherently about energy, damping, volume spacers and how moving the bottom out resistance away from the spring is the answer to all of my problems.

Velocipedestrian wrote:Sounds like you have time to eat heaps of pies to prep for Christmas, then you'll be two-handed and the perfect weight for the x-firm next year.

I'm one of those people who reckons fork spring rate has more to do with rider strength than rider weight. I'd probably get on a lot better with the firm once I'm back on the bike :(
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