Ground Effect Product Review: Witches Britches

Postby psychavoc on Fri 18/Jul/08 2:21pm

Product: Ground Effect Witches Britches
Description: Women's 4-way stretch nylon Lycra 3/4 length cycle shorts with fleece lined knees.
Price: NZ$99
Product Link: ... IT-WOM.htm

Reviewer details:

Name: Celia
Location: Wellington
Rides: 5-6 times a week, commuting, road, mountain-biking

One Month Review:

These arrived very promptly at work the day after ordering, so I was quite keen to try them out as soon as possible (anything to escape the office for a bit!). Unfortunately, actual work got in the way, but I did manage to take them out for their maiden ride on my commute home. My first thoughts were that the lycra material had a nice soft feel to them and that the waistband sat at a comfortable height and tightness. The seams where the fleece lining for the knees were attached took a bit to get used to (but I suppose that would be the same for any other novel seam at first). As usual, the seamsmanship was of excellent Ground Effect quality, with no loose strands or unfinished edges. Given my first ride was home in the dark however, the lack of reflective material or labels was noticeable (or not noticeable as the case would have been) – perhaps a bit of reflective material to increase the marketability of these shorts to the commuter market wouldn’t go astray?

Since the first ride, I’ve done a couple of week’s worth of commutes in the shorts, plus some training rides on the road bike, a few longer (3-5hr) mountain-bike rides, as well as some shorter night rides. The shorts seem to be ideal for winter conditions, especially on the MTB with the fleecy knees. Because of the distinct lack of full length leggings in my collection, I’ve paired the shorts up with some knee-high socks on colder days and this has been more than adequate. The only criticism of the shorts I have is that the chamois is a bit more substantial and bulkier than the other shorts I own, and this can get a bit uncomfortable on the bike when it bunches through the centre. More recently, I have found a technique of hopping on my bike without bunching, but it requires some “rearrangingâ€
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