Fallout 3: Escaping The Vault As A Baby

Postby Tama on Tue 26/May/09 10:04am

How cool is this? :D

http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2009/05/fallout-baby wrote:Fallout 3 is set in post-nuclear Washington, D.C. The violent video game has won critical acclaim for its bleak atmospherics. It is not supposed to make you laugh.

Then came the YouTube game clips: a “Fallout 3 Baby,” wandering through the game’s apocalyptic landscape in nappies, bashing in mutants’ heads with its tiny fists, disabling a nuclear bomb, cooing “goo-goo” and dealing death with a Colt .45.

“My response was, ‘Oops,’” says game director Todd Howard. “But that’s pretty funny.”
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Re: Fallout 3: Escaping The Vault As A Baby

Postby Whoops on Tue 26/May/09 2:27pm

What? Is that a mod?

Freaking cool.

edit ; apparently not.

"In the early moments of the adventure, you interact with your father, who leaves you alone in your crib for a moment. By following closely behind him as he walks out the door, then sprinting ahead and ducking through the next automated doorway, you’ll find your character falling through what seems like an infinite void full of misshapen textures and vast nothingness.

After a few moments, the game will deposit you in the next game-play segment, where you play a grade-school version of yourself. But if you pulled off the trick correctly, you’ll still be a baby.

off to fire up the PS3...!
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