Postby Dazzle on Fri 16/Dec/05 7:20am

well, there is some big budget movie shoot in Wellington that comes out in the UK today, so you think it would be an easy choice to go.

But no. Down at the NFT they are showing a couple of 1950s 3D movies, as well as Son of Kong and the 33 King Kong. For a while I even considered doing the double up - Remake Kong in the early evening then original Kong in the late showing. But the required running total of a couple of hours in the tube and 6 hours in theatres was just too sadistic. :huh: If I wasn't working a 9-5 I would have been sooo there....

Anyways - so I'm off to see PJ's movie shortly at what will probably be a gnom filled sell out session.

Before I get back from that, here are a couple of quickies:

Dawn of the Dead (2004)
Remake. The original was a brilliant low budget take on consumer society. This is the glossy big budget Hollywood rehash with RUNNING zombies. But, actualy, its pretty darn good. Now they are talking of doing a remake to the sequeal, and the director of the original got to do his own sequel and has two more zombie movies in the pipeline, so its thumbs up from me, I get more political shuffle zombie movies from Romero to look forward to and a big budget glossy sprinting zombie remake of Day of the Dead to look forward to as well. Oh, watch the credits, this one has a great ending.

Sky High (2005)
Disney family movie about superhero parents and the kid that is being sent to superkid high school. Better than you would expect, especialy given that the cast are signed to a movie + possible spin off tv series deal. I laughed and enjoyed it in a 'not quite as good as The Incredibles but still rather good' way. Besides, any movie with Evil Ash, Snake Plisken and WounderWomen in it automaticaly gets atleast 1 star. You could watch this with your whole family at xmas and everyone will get something out of it.
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Postby Henry Dorset Case on Sat 28/Jan/06 9:20pm

I changed the title so as to preserve the content but update this for 2006.

I am about to rave about "Good Night and Good Luck".

Amazingly this is screening in the same city at the same time as that 15 cent guys movie. Also amazing to me is that people are paying good money to see that when they could see this.

Even if the script was crap, it LOOKS gorgeous. Its Black and White, and the costumes and sets are period perfect. Also period perfect (if disgusting) is that pretty much everyone smokes, all the time. bleccccchh. The suits and haircuts and glasses and technology are all (as far as I can tell) spot on.

The cast deserves mention too: Cloons is good (I mean he is watchable in anything, lets face it) and here he doesnt mug, and take all the best lines, but basically subsumes himself into the story (in spite of his EP credit, his money backing it apparently, and the fact he directs.) Jeff Daniels (a LOOOOOONG way from "Dumb and Dumber"), and the Patricia Clarksonm not to mention an again rehabilitated Robert Downey Jr are also good, but their stories are sidelines really. Its David Strathairns movie and he is really great. Understated, but determined, he's got a great "this must not stand" air about him.

If you dont know, its the story of CBS news, and their exposure of the McCarthy senate hearings in the '50's.

I really loved this film, its nine and a half sausages out of ten from me (on the Mafia movie rating scale).

Go see it.
Henry Dorset Case
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Postby Bigfoot on Sat 28/Jan/06 9:21pm

sounds lig a good one to see!
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Postby Oli on Sat 28/Jan/06 9:26pm

Where did the other half a sausage go? :crazy:
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Postby Dazzle on Sun 29/Jan/06 3:51am

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