Re: Car Vs Bike Liabilty Questions

Postby philstar on Fri 6/Oct/17 9:38am

dwgknz wrote:I’d report it as an injury crash and let the police decide what action if any should be taken. Also formalises things. The driver may have already reported it and you don’t want her version being kept as the truth.

I believe it is mandatory to do so, even for just property damage crash.
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Re: Car Vs Bike Liabilty Questions

Postby matnz on Fri 6/Oct/17 11:32am

From the Police web site

After a non-injury crash you should swap names and addresses with other motorists involved. If the crash involved another person's property, such as a fence, you should report it to the owner of the property within 48 hours of the crash. If the owner cannot be located report to police within 60 hours of the crash.

All crashes resulting in injury (such as broken bones or a night in hospital) should be reported to local police as soon as is practicable and no later than 24 hours from the time of the crash.
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Re: Car Vs Bike Liabilty Questions

Postby WH on Mon 9/Oct/17 3:52pm

Definitely report it, as mentioned previously it needs to find its way into the crash stats for a number of reasons. Doesn't matter if you weren't seriously injured, the cats are non-injury, minor injury, serious injury, fatality.

Drop into the cop shop and say you need to report a traffic accident, and that you want it to be recorded in CAS (the Crash Analysis System). Maybe help them out by doing a wee sketch of the intersection, road names, directions of travel, point of impact. Should only take 5-10 mins.
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Re: Car Vs Bike Liabilty Questions

Postby 13daza on Mon 9/Oct/17 5:07pm

I got clipped by a car once ,busted the mirror off the car on the way down the side of the car. the driver was only interested in abusing me for causing him to crash into me ???. So I went and gave the details of the car ,the accident and the mirror to the local cops (Henderson police station) never heard anything back for months then got a random call asking me to come in a collect the lost property I handed in not quite sure what it was all about I proceeded down to the cop shop and he handed me a mirror off a Mazda 323 with a lost property slip ?? ,Im not if sure they actually followed up on the incident or not :crazy:

Either way my missus works in insurance claims she recons if nothing else a police complaint form /accident report will strengthen your claim especially if the police accept the other parties at fault which means that your insurance can claim back all costs incurred off the other party with no dispute ,that and what kind of driver trundles around not looking for cyclists a reminder from the 50 might wake em up
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Re: Car Vs Bike Liabilty Questions

Postby doofus on Wed 25/Oct/17 3:18pm

OK, getting somewhere with the insurance, finally!

They've offered me $1300 and something cash (out of $1800). But the quote from the bike shop didnt include the upgraded brakes, etc. Off to chat to the bike shop...

Another question is what usually happens with the broken bike? I've been told to not ask, then I'll probably get to keep it. What's the usual? I'd quite like it for parts, as I'll probably buy the same again...

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Re: Car Vs Bike Liabilty Questions

Postby jo on Wed 25/Oct/17 3:34pm

I think - if the insurance pays you out technically its not your bike anymore.

So after that if the insurance company "abandons" the broken bike at the bike shop I imagine it depends what terms you're on with the bike shop....
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Re: Car Vs Bike Liabilty Questions

Postby 13daza on Thu 26/Oct/17 11:22pm

My Insurance replaced a cracked frame last year they weren't interested in taking it and the bike shop wasnt interested in it other than filling their skip.
at present its in my shed waiting till I have squirelled away a few hundy to get it fixed it will make a fine winter training bike
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