Bmx/dj Bike For Big Guy

Postby cep32 on Sat 7/Jun/14 9:08pm

Hi all,
My oldest son loves spending time at the local pump track on his balance bike and has just today progressed to riding a pedal bike for the first time. I'm guessing it'll only be a few more weeks before he's asking to take his new bike to the pump track so it's got me thinking........................

Rather than standing around getting cold and/or slightly bored watching him go round and round and round and round sometimes for and hour or more before he wants to go home I should join him on the pump track. Unfortunately my XL sized Giant Trance isn't really the thing for this sort of riding so I have been thinking of getting a 24" bmx. Does anyone here have any experience with these? I was never allowed one as a kid so they are a bit of a mystery to me. I'm guessing I'm not after a cruiser as they are lightweight race bikes???????????

The alternative was some sort of dj bike although I'm a bit nervous of the suspension fork idea and how they might dive a bit when a screw up.

The complicating factor is that I am 6'8" tall and 110kg.

Someone has suggested a General Lee but they seem pretty hard to come by.

Any advice from the floor?

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Re: Bmx/dj Bike For Big Guy

Postby ChumlyPogward on Sun 8/Jun/14 8:39am

Well I ride my fatbike with my girls at the BMX track, I am approximately your spec. I have found it to be magnificent fun.
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Re: Bmx/dj Bike For Big Guy

Postby pushbikerider on Sun 8/Jun/14 9:04am

I know in the past that Scott have done one model of their voltage 26" DJ bike with a rigid fork on it, which would be ideal. Other than that, you can buy 24" BMX dirt jump bikes, just not readily in NZ
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Re: Bmx/dj Bike For Big Guy

Postby dented on Sun 8/Jun/14 9:15am

yeah cruiser race bikes are too steep in the head angle. I wouldnt be too worried about having some suspension up front, i would think the benefits might outweigh the negatives? ie: maybe having some give in the front might save your ass if you get things wrong. But at your height i'd consider something slack with 26" wheels.
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Re: Bmx/dj Bike For Big Guy

Postby wachtourak on Sun 8/Jun/14 9:20am

Would suggest something like a cheap NS but you'll still find them pretty small haha - ... -prod85792

Maybe this would be more fitting - :D
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Re: Bmx/dj Bike For Big Guy

Postby cep32 on Fri 13/Jun/14 2:04pm

How would one of these go do you think? They are around $600 at the moment.
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Re: Bmx/dj Bike For Big Guy

Postby Velocipedestrian on Fri 13/Jun/14 2:41pm

That site only lists S as a frame size, with 580mm TT - might be a bit short for you, though the idea is spot on.
Find one with a long TT and have a blast.
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Re: Bmx/dj Bike For Big Guy

Postby cep32 on Fri 13/Jun/14 4:50pm

It is interesting looking at the geometry. The top tube is about the same length as a medium in the aluminium versions but the reach (horizontal distance between the bottom bracket and bars is more than the large in the Al versions. I see Torpedo 7 have these on sale today. 23.5mm effective TT.
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