Re: Zerode

Postby wuffy on Wed 9/Jun/10 1:52pm

1. Hills are different.
2. Cat has a spoon in one and lollipop in other
3. 3 bananas - 2 bananas
4. One of the cookies is a different colour
5. Grandmother's collar thingy is different
6. Different time
7. Different handles on cupboards
8. Different things on cupboard bench thingy
9. Herbs have only one, foot? In the right half
10. girls foot is socked in right half
11. Plate has a face in right half.
12. Girls tongue is poking out in right one
13. Pin in grandmother's hair
14. Curtains are lumpy in right one

Aced :cool:
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Re: Zerode

Postby scoobydoo on Wed 9/Jun/10 2:04pm

Dh bike happening, Will start sending updates out again soon. Just had to change manufacturer. Sorted now, making good progress.

DH First

Trail after

No I wasn't terrified in the first post. just mud in my eye....
Testing Trail Bike.jpg
I not terrified, just mud in my eye........
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Re: Zerode

Postby scoobydoo on Wed 9/Jun/10 2:05pm

Look at em roots. Mmmmm proper riding..
second Ride.jpg
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Re: Zerode

Postby Trail on Wed 9/Jun/10 3:05pm

scoobydoo wrote:Look at em roots. Mmmmm proper riding..

That looks quite South Island riding like to me :sly:
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"Concentrating on technique"
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Re: Zerode

Postby richardg on Thu 10/Jun/10 11:34pm

Back to the picture debarkle of earlier the NSMB photo had Doobage riding Dolph, whereas this thread started with he who mustn't be named on Voldemort. Bikes that beautiful need personal names, rather than junk like NRS1, serial number A086086086086 (maybe KRSone wouldn't be so bad) This particular Zerode bike IS the dark lord. Hide away when it is near, or be schooled by its magic!
Voldemort has not only stolen Dolph's power, he has also amplified it!
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Re: Zerode

Postby DaViking on Sat 26/Jun/10 8:37am

So whats the GEO on this potential trail bike rippa and the DH bike!


1.5 HT

If god in this department be cool to support these kiwi rippers, they do look good in the piccs but need moar facts be good and tasty so compare wit current rides.

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