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SlackBoy wrote:
Dazzle wrote:
Steve-O wrote:I have a question for all you racing buff out there, some stupid fool was trying to tell me the other day the "motorsport" is not a "sport". What do you all think? Should I be bashing this fool across the head with a cake mixing machine or does he have a point? In my opinion motorsport is 100% a sport, training, mental planning and strategies are used, drivers are pushed to extremes both mentally and physically(in cyprus rally it hit 48 celsius inside the rallycars).

What are your opinions?

You just described my previous job, which also carried a high risk of death. Does that make it a sport?

But you were a professional cyclist dazzle

Technically - yes. Although on the end of the radio they have no idea what you are on. One of the guys had a breakdown late in the day and didn't want to lose his guarantee, so made his last couple of deliveries by bus. Lucky they didn't ask him to pick anything else up. :satan:
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Postby SlackBoy on Mon 23/Jan/06 10:15am

I've deleivered 6 A4 boxes by taxi one day. One end of the terrace to the other. Full price car 15min job, with extras.

Plus I can' definntly say I was a professional cyclist. I raced pro-elite and got paid for cycling. (details say I wasn't getting paid for racing but for couriering, but meh, thats just details)
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