Working On Making My Legs Hate Me A Little Less....

Postby Cabin on Wed 12/Jun/13 1:02am

After a week of hobbling around due to my self-inflicted leg damage from 3D's efforts, I figured my running could do with a bit of attention. So rather than plan a sensible slow base run, I took the usual approach of finding an event. Conviently the 2nd race of theXTERRA Trail Run series was on in the nearby Riverhead Forest.
 I woosed out of the "Super Long" course option, and just signed up for the Long. So 18km all offroad, with around 500m vertical climbing; combined with torrential overnight rain, and clay based tracks, and slippery snotty goodness awaited everyone. It wasn't going to be an easy day. I ran a solid (if a little conservative) race, and trotted in 1hr20 odd later in 2nd place, around 3min down. Happy with that.
Despite knowing full well what the conditions were likely to be, I ran in the totally innapropriate racing flats (my trail shoes are in storage in Rotorua). Still they worked out ok.

 About 1km in and the RNZAF boys have already smacked it off the front. At this point I am already realising that maybe its not that cold and I could be a bit overdressed.
Nearing the finish and I am sure this carefully placed log caused cramping issues for many. While I look clean, its only because I'd fallen in a deep puddle 30sec earlier...

I'm often made aware of how much MTB race courses cut up in the wet and how much worse conditions can be for athletes further back in the field. Apparently running is no different as this young fella in the short course event demonstrates.

And even the photographers couldn't escape the conditions. Fun and challenging times allround. Hopefully I can make a couple more events in the series. Certainly a great way to learn some new terrain.

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Re: Working On Making My Legs Hate Me A Little Less....

Postby Garth on Wed 12/Jun/13 10:49am

Nice work Cabin. You coming down for the Double Rainbow run?
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Re: Working On Making My Legs Hate Me A Little Less....

Postby Cabin on Wed 12/Jun/13 11:46am

Yet to decide. I'll be down this weekend. But..... there is also a Moto XC event on at Ohakuri at the same time. Leaning towards that at the moment. Poor old KTM has been neglected of late. Then a skid and/or run in the forest sunday
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