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I am rapidly making up for the summer off competition, by stacking the events in in quick succession. This weekend it was the turn of the innagural Woodhill 360. A 6hr event run by Tim Farmer as a fundraiser for his attempt at the years 24hr Worlds. Tim's a good bugger and does plenty for the MTB community so it was only right to show our faces.
Unfortunately the rain settled in. More fortunately, it was woodhill, and sand holds up pretty well to moisture. In fact it often gets better. Having only ridden out there twice in about 6 years or more it took me sometime to establish some flow. ThankfullyOlly had already given me a headstart, as with our team only consistuting two of us we had decided on long (i.e. 1hr30) stints each.

 Olly was solid. Banging out the laps, and luckily I was able to string together some old man consistency to maintain the gaps we were developing. Eventually we cleared out to a pretty solid winning margin. Good days training banked, and the demanding nature of the track caught up with us later. There was no big climbs, but the constant undulation added up. Turns out my 5 laps (45km ish) included over 1000m climbing

 We got this sweet handcrafted trophy that Tim whipped up in his garage. We also got some chocolate; but that was gone before prizegiving ended.....

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