Postby Joel on Fri 12/Dec/03 8:50am

Jono wrote:I'll be there at some stage (I've got some crazy plan to kill myself by attempting to get to the top of every major hill in Wellytron in a day (kaukau, makara, mt vic, tinakori, wrights hill). I don't know if Sunday will be the day, but I'm planning to head up kaukau and see how I feel once I've got there...

(yes, I know, waiting until the litespeed comes back before doing this would probably be a good idea. But you don't ever learn if you don't make the most stupid mistakes possible).

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Postby Tama on Fri 12/Dec/03 8:10pm

Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to make it :( 'cos I'll be down in Chch with da Mafia :0

So it all works out in the end I suppose.

Double thumbs up to Michael for organising this Mobbing :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Postby Lazy_DHer on Sat 13/Dec/03 2:07pm

hey im in and i can drive if you need me 2
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Postby dirtmuncher on Sat 13/Dec/03 2:16pm

Lazy_DHer wrote:hey im in and i can drive if you need me 2
you can't drive, you haven't even got your restricteds, and even if you do which i'm pretty sure you don't, you can't take passengers. unless of course you mean your parents can drive, which is a completely different matter.
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Postby DropKick on Sat 13/Dec/03 2:27pm

I imagine there would be atleast one person in each car that will have had their full long enough for a restricted person to drive, its more a question of the car owner's trust in you, and insurance (alot of people will have their cars not insured for people under 25) :eh:
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Postby pissface on Sat 13/Dec/03 4:14pm

even if you are capable of negotiating the bendy mt vic road up from marjoribanks st in your mums mazda 323, there is no way anyone with less than 5 years good driving experience would come anywhere near the drivers seat of my falcon, and adding a trailer on top of that....sorry!

nice thoughts, but its not a goer as far as i am concerned. same would go for driving a big 4x4 i am sure.

oldies drive. groms in the boot. thats the rules. ;)
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Postby Lurch.. on Sat 13/Dec/03 4:27pm

Avast yee! I shall be there aswell, along with one other. Pretty sure I wont be shuttling though, espicially since its such a short ride to the top. Mmmmm, BBQ.
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Postby happybaboon on Sat 13/Dec/03 6:00pm

Ran into Grant (OYB) and Aaron (Former OYB) before - Sounds like they're keen :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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Postby theguyonabike on Sat 13/Dec/03 6:15pm

i shall be there :D
thanks michael for organising it it shall bhav a ride which i havent had in ages

mmm i can see sum crashes in my future :blush:
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Postby Quanta on Sat 13/Dec/03 6:21pm

theguyonabike wrote:mmm i can see sum crashes in my future :blush:

I crashed this morning up Makara peak (much slippery roots n rocks). I took the impact on the EXACT spot on my arm where the armour is on my arm pads... gutted I wasn't wearing them :cry: :D lol.
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Postby NFDC_FrEeRiDeR on Sat 13/Dec/03 6:48pm

yea im still coming but the weathers not looking to good at the moment :(
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Postby theguyonabike on Sat 13/Dec/03 7:11pm

but its fun 2 ride in crappy weather it makes it way more fun also a bit more CARNAGE :cry:
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Postby Spooky John on Sat 13/Dec/03 7:47pm

yeeeha I will be there after all!! with steaks and chicken wings :D

Mint! should be a good day :)
Spooky John
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Postby Quanta on Sat 13/Dec/03 8:17pm

Righty, we have two shuttler vehicles organised, will be at the 2nd carpark at 10:30am. Just spoke to Michael who is also pickin up a generator so we can have sounds n coffee and other electrical goodness :D It's gonna be mad fun!
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Postby michael on Sat 13/Dec/03 8:21pm

yes, if you want good music bring it, otherwise your listening to my cds all day, inculding linkin park, blink 182 and the feelers.
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