Re: Who Is Responsible?

Postby cooper770 on Sat 29/May/10 2:00pm

phunk wrote:
cooper770 wrote:
phunk wrote:
keltravers wrote: Nitelights already sponsors 6 up and coming riders, the osprey/ XPD adventure team. Supports as many national mtb and cycling events as possible, supplying many thousands of dollars in spot prizes to these events already and for the remainder of the season.

Advertises in national magazines...

What's wrong with posting an auction and giving the proceeds to charity?

Nothing at all wrong with any of this, but its purely with the intent that it will help you sell more lights.

with out getting into the inner working of vorb politics...

but that's why a business gets involved in charitable works and events. To promote and advertise their business. There's nothing wrong or immoral in doing that. business and enterprise have been using good works with in the community for years as a way of establishing their credentials, products or services. or do you believe that company's like Subway sponsor cycling teams because the uniforms look nice?

Exactly, but trying to claim that you are giving back to the community and therefore morally superior and all that is taking it a bit far..

Sorry must have missed the bit about being morally superior. :ib:
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Re: Who Is Responsible?

Postby cruiser on Sat 29/May/10 3:07pm

yes you must have..
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Re: Who Is Responsible?

Postby znomit on Fri 15th Jan 8:53am

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