Whirinaki Mtb Trail Blockade

Postby gaznzo on Tue 24/Aug/10 10:27am

For the last month a group of locals has been blocking the Okahu Road access to the Moerangi Trail. According to the local police, what started as a protest about 1080 has morphed into a general protest about something to do with land ownership. Okahu Road passes through a block of land owned by Ngati Whare. Representatives from Ngati Whare welcomed us to the trail on the opening day, and the people present on that day seemed pretty happy to have a new bunch of visitors to the place. Apparently, the people running the blockade are Ngati Whare, or are there at the iwi's discretion. It does not seem clear what the protester's want; the police said it has changed with each meeting, but it is a real shame that such a fantastic mountain bike adventure is currently off limits. Does anybody have any more info on this situation?
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Re: Whirinaki Mtb Trail Blockade

Postby bigJIMMY on Tue 24/Aug/10 2:02pm

yip, they are currently there.
it wouldn't stop me going, that's for sure.
Just openly stop and have a chat to them, sympathise with their protest and drop them a box of beer (flame) and they will let you through.
it's happening to the hunters also.
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Re: Whirinaki Mtb Trail Blockade

Postby nagem on Tue 24/Aug/10 2:35pm

So they are protesting in order to obtain free booze? Awesome.
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Re: Whirinaki Mtb Trail Blockade

Postby dented on Tue 24/Aug/10 4:27pm

Lame protest
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