Re: Which Tyres For Karapoti 2015?

Postby dwgknz on Sat 7/Mar/15 8:26pm

No green and bleeding. Made a b line straight for the first aid tent once I finished.

Both times I crashed I ran out of skill on wet rocks. Definitely will take some skill courses before I ride it again.

Funniest thing today was my wife having to play her " I'm a canadian card" when they said the main car park was too slippery to park in. Incidentally it was a kiwi male who slid into the fence.
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Re: Which Tyres For Karapoti 2015?

Postby BrokenKonaRider on Sat 7/Mar/15 8:52pm

As the only cx rider, I'm not sure my podium appearance was earned. But it was a tough day out there for me. Dopers never seemed to end, in either direction. Pleased with zero punctures and only two minor crashes. Lots of highlights from the prize giving, including one proud dad with his daughter, the winning bearded fat bike dude riding under 3 hrs, and Eden Cruise winning the overall at only 15yrs old.

Well done to all - including Oli who was generously cheering in the finishers through the bucketing rain.
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Re: Which Tyres For Karapoti 2015?

Postby dragon_style on Sat 7/Mar/15 9:11pm

No crashes, no punctures but a pretty disappointing 4:28 - though I was still sick in bed for part of Thursday so maybe not unexpected. The 2.1's were good and held much better than I expected. The cheapie El Gallo dropper post is now Karapoti tested and definitely a nice addition. I lost my chain five times - should have worked out how to get my supposedly "bolt straight on" chain guide to work with what seems to be an unexpected chainline. Coming down gorge in the torrential rain was interesting, like riding a muddy stream. Hope I gave Oli a smile as the river hit testicle level on the final crossing.

Might have to do it next year and see what more training and less snot can achieve. And now I know if you suffer enough times it doesn't cost anything. And fat bikes, I don't know if they really are fun, but they look it.
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Re: Which Tyres For Karapoti 2015?

Postby muddydave on Sun 8/Mar/15 8:09am

went round in 3.50 so reasonably happy with that, kept cramp at bay for a change and rode tubeless once again on kenda karma's which did the job awesomely. a HUGE apology to those i defened for life after melting my rear brakes on the first downhill and having to ride rest of the race on metal to metal. god dam it was loud and annoying!!
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