Re: Which Mtb Bikes Are Made Where

Postby crashkiwi on Mon 16/Feb/09 2:39pm

Nick_K wrote:
mudguard wrote:
Nick_K wrote:
So you want us to name the manufacturer for every brand because you don't want to name the brand of your bike that broke even though its obvious what brand it is :eh:

Righto then.....

Geez you've been in a bad mood lately Nick_K!

I am indeed a surly cunzoor.

No not really i would just like your thoughts on good bike shops to deal with ..
.and i would rather not name names in a deflammatory manner , as i am only being uninformed and not updated .... i suspect i may be being lied to ...
but only suspect however,
were any of those unscrupulous suspicions be found to be true watch for my website www.dontbuy*****

where ****** would relate to supposed manufacturers name

no i would have no remorse i would just be stating my opinion and experiences...
do you think i could sponsor vorb and advertise / link to that site from here? ( although against the spirit of VORB) i am sure i could argue my case supportingly and convincingly with names dates times and photos etc etc....

off topic sorry
just want information not to advertise my bad experiences ( at this stage )
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Re: Which Mtb Bikes Are Made Where

Postby Tama on Mon 16/Feb/09 2:44pm wrote:Here is a short circumnavigation of the world of wheels. Starting in the old country, Europe, there is the German factory of Villiger/Diamant producing bikes for Trek. Italy's Dedacciai factory does some bikes for Kona. Some Bianchi bikes are still made in Italy too. The Ideal bicycle company has one of its factories in Poland producing bikes for Scott. China boasts the biggest factories with romantic names such as Boan, A-Pro, Sunrise, Kenstone, Kinesis, Ming Kao, Ideal and Giant. These places produce bikes for us under the labels of Norco, Rocky Mountain, Marin, Iron Horse, and Brodie. Taiwan, although not as large of a producer in numbers as China, is a technological leader. The Taiwanese factories of Merida, Fairly and Hodaka produce bikes for Specialized, Kona, and Fuji. There are new frontiers for manufacturing being explored in Thailand as Bangkok Cycle is building some Norco bikes and the Pt. Insera Sena factory in Indonesia creates product for Scott

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Re: Which Mtb Bikes Are Made Where

Postby crashkiwi on Mon 16/Feb/09 3:43pm

and that is why Tama runs the site ( thanks again Tama)
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Re: Which Mtb Bikes Are Made Where

Postby YANKEEHOTELFOXTROT on Mon 16/Feb/09 5:18pm

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Re: Which Mtb Bikes Are Made Where

Postby Fraser on Wed 25/Feb/09 11:15am

oddly none of the 4 bikes I own are named on either one of those links. :hmmm:

As for the "not naming names or deflammatory mannor" I must have mistaken this for the forum for ex-employees of Guantanimo Bay Prison?

"What bike is it or we throw the switch!!!" ..."I am only being informed not updated ZZZZZsssHHh God no make it stop!! No, no not my ZZZsszzzhhhhsh ARRRaaarrrrggg"

Are these names, dates and photos that support your case involve a female member of staff photographed pointing at naked men in compromising positions?

It all sounds a bit fishy as anyone else would have used the joy that is the anonimity internet to vent this issue rather than go to the lengths of explaining an alterior motive and background and try the double bluff to hide what they are trying to achieve.
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Re: Which Mtb Bikes Are Made Where

Postby crashkiwi on Mon 23/Mar/09 12:49pm

maybe not quite the double bluff,
but i didn`t want to be saying something derogatory about a service / business without
giving them the chance to make ammends ...

for which they sort of did...

thank you very much to **** the manufacturer and NZ importer...

the mystery continues...

yeah it was an interesting process.....
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