Re: Which Canty Chill Ski Field For A Ski Lesson?

Postby Trail on Sun 4/Jul/10 10:22pm

Nick_K wrote:
Nick_K wrote:To hijack the thread what chill field would peeps recommend for someone starting out skiing

Thread dredge...

Had my first 2 days up on the snow at Porters this weekend which was awesome fun. Have the beginners trail down but the step up to the intermediate trail on T1 was a bit much for me. I plan to mainly ski at Porters (because of the porters passport) but am thinking of spending a day or maybe a weekend at another field which has a bigger range of beginner or easy intermediate trails.

Any recommendations or suggestions?

Yeh, I would recommend Cheeseman and Dobson. Once you step up to being able to ski the T1 terrain on Porters you will handle either of these fields fine. Hutt is also good, but more expensive and more people. Lyford would also be a good option.

Places like craigieburn, Broken river, Olympus, Temple Basin etc have rope tows, and you want to be a bit more confident on snow before tackling these. I am a big fan of Dobson, Ohau and Cheeseman for T-bars (+chairlift at dobson and Ohau) and a selection of terrain.

Nick, if you can transfer your biking skills (balance,pumping and countersteering from biking do transfer well to skiing) you should find that you progress reasonably quickly. I would recommend a lesson to ensure you are doing the correct things tho... I had been skiing for a while before I got a lesson last year, and it definitely helped and improved my technical skiing (and how I handle the steeper and harder conditions) a lot. If you progress reasonably quickly you should find yourself comfortable on most of the canterbury fields pretty quickly!!

Me and my other half head up the slopes quite often in our 4wd van. Feel free to give us a yell if you were keen to share a ride etc.
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