Postby Kelpie on Tue 2/Apr/02 10:17pm

Park in Samwell drive at the 4wd track that goes up to the pylon, cruise up there past the old Brady grave.
Keep going straight up and near the top you will see the jump track heading off to the right, enjoy. It is a neat track for sifting around on and the jumps are pretty cool, it is pretty short but there is a track that runs right up the middle that is easyish walking.
Then if you go back to the top of this track and continue up to the top of pylon track hang a right and cruise along a single track, once you get to the top of a small climb look right for a track that goes beside the Toitois, this is new and it rocks. jumps, steep chutes, berms mmmmmm
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Postby Hutch on Tue 23/Apr/02 5:20pm

Yep, it rocks.   :rolleyes:

Nath and I tried to keep up with Manson and Juan.  

We didn't have a chance, of course.  Manson now rides with clip in pedals, and Juan had his shin guards.

Some bloody excellent tracks there (and nice easy jumps for us X-country normal types.
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