Wheres All The Cycle Tourers!

Postby foremannz on Fri 3rd Aug 6:03pm

I finally managed my first attempt at touring, although having to cut the the route plan in half due to injury.
I'm currently building a new touring bike that is potentially more suitable than the mountainbike I used, hopefully a good 5kg lighter than the mountainbike!

I do have a question though - what are people running in terms of gear ratios?

I am going to start with a Tiagra 3x10 setup with a 11-32t cassette, but going by my initial experiences with NZs country roads, I am looking to go as low as a 11-36t cassette while retaining my Tiagra triple crankset.
On the Mountainbike I was running 36/22 chainset with a 11-36T cassette, and while I did enjoy the extra low gear, I think my 50/39/30 chainset with an 11-36t would still be manageable!

Other tweeks going on the new bike include:
- a 2.5cm reduction in my current crank length - trial and error to see if it helps with knee stress on the longer rides
- a Salsa Cowchipper 44cm, 2cm wider than my road bike bars - I'm wanting a bit more stability over my usual road bar width, as well as to open my chest up a bit more, and I'm hoping the added drop angle will reduce my wrist rotation when changing gears ...
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Re: Wheres All The Cycle Tourers!

Postby Tugboat on Fri 3rd Aug 8:33pm

Interested in how your build goes.

I'm currently shortlisting gravel bikes with a view to do some multi-day bike packing over summer (e.g. four day loop Picton - Hanmer Springs (via Molesworth) - St Arnaud - Picton). Was thinking I'd most likely go with a mechanical Ultegra compact 50-34 and 11-34 cassette. Hadn't thought about crank length much but a reduction from my usual 175mm does make sense to keep things easier on the knees.
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