Postby Nathan on Tue 19/Feb/02 2:57pm

Ok I have just had a new bottom braket put in but it or something else is strting to sqeak again ???

Tama do you have a bottom bracket tool that I can borrow it may just be loose or need more grease packed into it :dontgetit:
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Postby gimp on Wed 20/Feb/02 1:30pm

First - check your orifices for small rodents, or other such animals which may be left over from you last game of "Pet Shop Boys."

If this draws a blank - creaking of the bottom bracket is normally caused by the very very slight play in the contact between the crank and the spindle (axle.)

1) Remove your cranks with a crank puller (sounds rude doesn't it?)
2) Cover the surface of your bottom bracket spindle with a thin layer of lithium grease (or marine grease if you've got any.)
3) Bolt the cranks back on nice and tight.

Hopefully this will sort it out and you can run out onto the street slapping yourself and screaming "I'm Mr Special"
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Postby Nathan on Fri 22/Feb/02 10:53am

Gee thanks Mr. Gimp, I have already borrowed the tools from Crusty and will look into it as soon as I am back from Horipito Lodge ;)
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