Postby Jono on Fri 25/Jan/02 11:41am

nobody seems to be saying very much about the epic weekend in the middle of the north island. And Anna seems to be awfully quiet, which means that she's either

a) been left behind.
b) been left behind, managed to get back to wellington, and is now scowling at everyone that was riding with her...
c) found a man, and sees no need to hang around with geeky loosers with too much disposable income (and the ability to only spend it on bicycles)...  :eh:
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Postby Wookie on Fri 25/Jan/02 12:37pm

hmmmm yes to all of the above.... p'haps??

he he he     :baaa:

There has however been an awful lot of talk about littlemans ass and the application of cream to it........  hmmmm  :cry:
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Postby Tama on Fri 25/Jan/02 3:39pm

For my part I experimenting with the speech recognition package on my computer to produce and even weirder report of the Welliversary Weekend events...

In summary, lots of jungle riding + kick arse downhills = big grins and sore bums... :)
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Postby Tama on Tue 29/Jan/02 2:32pm

Got some good photos back from the weekend - with a couple of bare asses thrown in for those of you who're that way inclined (I wonder why people keep threatening to take my camera away?)

The main monkey in the gears as far as getting some writing up on the whole thing is the superb weather we've been having isn't condusive to sitting in front of a computer writing.

And strangely enough my computer always seems to be occupied by wide eyed flatties shooting people Urban Terror style...  :sneaky:

Good excuse aye?  ;)
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