Whats A Good Daypack For A Mtb Ride?

Postby Grapefruit on Mon 10/Jul/06 4:18pm

Hi there,

going to do a nice overnight hut ride next weekend and want to buy a good daypack to carry sleepingbag, spare clothes, hydration bladder (current have a camelpack) and food obviously (and maybe a bit of a drink!)

anyone recommend anything? I've seen a few camelback on their international site, but nothing in the shops here, and i will be going to katmandu this week, but are they designed for walking???

thanks for any advice.

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Postby phunk on Mon 10/Jul/06 4:21pm

If you can get hold of a spoke issue a couple of issues back it has a good comparison of a few such bags. I got the Vaude Bike alpin Air because of it. Great pack, and would be suitable for what you want to do. Purchased from Burkes here in welly.
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Postby skint on Mon 10/Jul/06 4:22pm

Also Ground effect do a bigger one that seems pretty popular
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Postby Tama on Mon 10/Jul/06 4:23pm

In Spoke 19 I wrote:In the last weekend of November I crossed the Cook Strait for 5 days of sweet sweet South Island singletrack. My Ground Effect Big Wednesday carried my lightweight sleeping bag, a silk liner, 6 Up & Goes, 16 muesli bars, my digital camera, spare batteries for my camera, my cellphone charger, my pump, a multitool, a tube, 3 tyre levers, a shock pump, 4 sachets of tuna, a plastic spoon, 4 Leppins, 5 zipties, some cycling baggies, 2 lycra short inners, 2 pairs of boxer briefs, 2 t-shirts, a riding top, 2 pairs of socks, a rain-proof jacket, a 750ml bottle of water, a toiletry bag, a first aid kit, some sunblock and a merino beanie. Fitting this much stuff into a 28L pack whilst still being able to ride my bike in comfort is either a miracle, or a sign of exceptionally good design - say no more.

I've also used it for day tramps - it rocks!
http://www.groundeffect.co.nz/product_d ... tegory=BAG

And if you wanted to go slightly smaller and cheaper:
http://www.groundeffect.co.nz/product_d ... tegory=BAG
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Postby phunk on Mon 10/Jul/06 4:25pm

I got the Vaude cos I couldnt possibly be seen with the same bag as Jono or Tama, its a fashion thing.

Actually its cos I wanted to be just like Tom :love:
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Postby mjc on Mon 10/Jul/06 4:30pm

Macpac ultramarathons were/are really popular. www.macpac.co.nz/products/display/catal ... miid,3205/

I’d look for something that sits slightly lower than a tramping pack and has a fairly flexible back panel. A good waist strap is essential for singletrack too. Dueter makes some good bike packs too.
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Postby james on Mon 10/Jul/06 5:15pm

phunk wrote:Actually its cos I wanted to be just like Tom :love:
:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

Most MTB bags are less than waterproof, I have macpac one I use if I want stuff to stay dry otherwise I have a big wednesday, and a camel bac mule.
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Postby mjc on Mon 10/Jul/06 5:21pm

Agree, my Macpac Activist even has waterproof zips, as tested on a Tree Trunk Gorge trip.

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James, think I saw you at the training area out at woody yesterday... on the orange S.C. and Jungle coffee shirt? Next time I'll say g'day...
End Hijack.
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Postby Grumpyoldman on Mon 10/Jul/06 5:23pm

I have a Camelbak Blowfish, it's alright for 3 - 4 hour rides, but I find it a bit small for all day missions and commuting.

But then I'm bad for over packing.
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Postby james on Mon 10/Jul/06 5:25pm

mjc wrote:James, think I saw you at the training area out at woody yesterday... on the orange S.C. and Jungle coffee shirt? Next time I'll say g'day...
yep that was me. :)
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Postby Nordy on Mon 10/Jul/06 6:00pm

:pmob: I use a blowfish for normal rides and a cross 20 (camelbak) for commuting. The cross 20 holds all my work junk and then some.
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Postby Jack_03 on Mon 10/Jul/06 8:40pm

Don't buy from katmandu... I've got one from there and it really is shite*. Sure it's water proof and pretty hardy but they are made for running/walking. You're better off with camelback or one of the afore metioned packs that have been designed with mtb'ing in mind.

*Reasons for not liking it: Too small, not enough padding between pack and my back plus it feels slightly awkward... IMHO
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Postby jamieinauckland on Mon 10/Jul/06 10:37pm

I've got a Dakine heli pack for snowboarding. It holds my camelbak bladder and has about 15L of space. It's pretty flat and has enough straps in the right places so it doen't move when biking. Cheapish too.
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Postby Lamedoggo on Tue 11/Jul/06 4:47am

These guys do some good stuff for general purpose.


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Postby CrustyMTB on Tue 11/Jul/06 9:26am

Cactus zero or mountain henry,Kiwi made by freaks!! :D
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