Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby johnL on Mon 28/Dec/09 7:23am

Clinton Winning in Belgium often.
Clintons top 10 result again in U23 Paris Roubaix
Clinton being invited to Test with Columbia and developing great contact with Alan Pieper
Monique winning World Xterra championships after breaking arm at World MTB champs
Me winning Bay Of Plenty Open coach of the year and stopping Gorden Tietjens take his 10th!
Finished graduate diploma in sports coaching.
Found a 15yo that has tested quite well, so now have a new project.....track maybe :D

Clinton being sick when testing with Columbia :(
Logans Cinelli team turning to crap and VDB dieing
Logans Knee. (now fixed)
Still not having time to ride at all and on going heart issues.

Taking the Waiariki MTB squad to XC domination of all events we enter.
RIders Going pro at the Highest level.
possibly Canada to World MTB champs (as an unofficial)
but mostly same old same old.
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby Spyder on Mon 28/Dec/09 8:13am

- Well inside the top 90 for Graperide, awesome ride back from Havelock at 55+
- New MTB, as someone wise said "it's a revelation"
- Not falling off (in a major way)
- Seeing my son wanting to compete in some smaller events
- A good FoC result despite the conditions and not as much riding as planned
- Tugboat's TdF sweepstake, almost as compelling as the real thing!

- Not being able to do as many organised/regular rides as previously
-, used to check it regularly, now can't be bothered

- LeRace for the first time, this is the event that I re-started cycling to do 3 1/2 years ago
- More MTB rides with the family
- MTB skills course
- Try to schedule some time for some proper road racing
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby UnimatrixZero on Mon 28/Dec/09 8:21am


1. Karapoti - first MTB race ever
2. First time I completely cleared Ridgeline on Makara Peak (WOOT!)
3. Tour de Peak (also Makara Peak)
4. Fitting in 7 MTBing events in 2009, and still having a job and family at the end.
5. Checking out new trails around Reefton and Nelson


1. Getting sick in the middle of the PNP spring series - totally gutted about this.

Plan for 2010

Hoping to race Karapoti again. Other than that the plan is just to keep fit, as I'm not going to fit in any other events this year :(
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby Fergie on Mon 28/Dec/09 8:24am


-Finished Waikari Classic for First Time
-Rode every Masters Event at Track Nationals
-Finished M1 race at Canterbury Champs


-Total loss of Mojo after Canterbury Champs
-Last or nearly last in every event at Track Nats
-Sick most of winter and knees still playing up


-Have never ridden LeRace so may give that a nudge
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby gydey on Mon 28/Dec/09 10:15am

Highlights...watching the riders I coach succeed at various levels in 09... particularly Hendys stage win in the Vuelta, Gems win in world masters, Michael and Ruaraidhs efforts in Europe..and the huge gains made by some masters whom I coach.

Lowlights.. accepting that at sprint has all but gone LOL and I will be vet 4 next year

2010..going to Flanders, Scheldeprijs and Roubaix...cant wait. Hope to get in team car for 1 of the races. Going on cruise around Greek Islands with my wife. (who says coaching doesnt pay :-))
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby Gordio on Mon 28/Dec/09 10:47am

Highs- Winning my 5th national road title.
- Finishing 4th on GC in the 2.HC Tour of Hainan, especially after Southland turned to crap.
- Having 18 of the 19 people I coached at Taupo PB or Achieve thier goal times #no 19 cracked a rib and still finished.

Low's- Training for 6 months for Southland and being taken out on the 2nd stage and cracking a rib.
- Getting the squirts and DNfing the TT at nationals, a race I had hoped to win.

Goals for 2010- Another national title would be nice, be it Road, TT or Crit.
- Podium the Tour of Southland.
- Continue to educate myself re: coaching so I can help the riders I coach achieve thier goals.
- Buy a house.
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby speedystu on Mon 28/Dec/09 2:33pm

Highlights: Being competitive again and winning a race 4 months after a uni knee replacement and ACL reconstruction (thanks Gydey for the coaching and Rod Maxwell for the knee)
Lowlights: Bloody hours of boring low intensity pedalling on the trainer over winter waiting for said knee to be strong enough to get back on the road
2010 - Having another go at the Tour of Canterbury with good legs and not being sick - returning to sort some unfinished business in Le Race
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby nzmatto on Mon 28/Dec/09 4:03pm

*Every single one of the 6,992.7km's that I have ridden so far this year. (there's still a few days to go).
*Dropping out of the obese zone and becoming overweight.

*DNF'ing at the Martinborough charity Fun Ride
*Headwinds coming home from work

Goals for 2010
so far I am thinking:
*I suspect it will have more to do with Taupo twice than anything else.
*The Kapiti club has a bunch of personal challenges and I would like to complete all of these I think.
*New bike (maybe).
*To commute more often than in 2009.
*To ride with my girls more than I have.
*Not to piss off everyone with the Taupo beckons thread.
*I think reaching 85kg's may be a goal too.
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby Nick_K on Mon 28/Dec/09 5:27pm

-General lolz with the bushloveracing team
-Singlespeeds nationals, probably the result (6th) I'm most happy with this year
-Any and all races. While I never do especially well given my complete lack training and general averageness, I still love racing. Standout events this year would have to be Akatarawara attack and Nzo 12hr (mainly cause I beat Mickey)
-Cyclocross coming to Wellington, awesome stuff Mike :thumbsup:

-Getting ripped off by someone in the bike Industry I previously respected
-Rotorua bogans changing course markings
-Working too much :(

-Getting some good riding before I have to start studying for exams
-Ride lots of new tracks, do some new races
-Not snap too many frames
-Do Alpine epic (if I can find a partner)
-Maybe an overseas riding trip
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby wachtourak on Mon 28/Dec/09 5:43pm

- Seeing Dave Aldreds denim lycra in person @ wild wellington
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby chuckie34 on Mon 28/Dec/09 5:59pm

Really enjoying what riding I could do this year.
Seeing so many world champions who hail from our fine shores.

Been carrying an injury for almost a year, which severely limited my riding time and ability
The long recovery after surgery.
Giving up on my target of round the mountain, just not enough time to prepare.

2010 -
Ride heaps and heaps more
I'd love a new bike, nothing too flash I like the specialized sectuer(not coming to nz :( )
I have this half baked idea of trying for the enduro at taupo. :crazy:
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby noel_whiteside on Mon 28/Dec/09 11:55pm

getting into the top 10 of the "Port Hills Hillclimb Leaderboard 2009/10" (It doesn't matter that only 10 have rode all 8 climbs).
PB at 16km time trials back in March.
Riding in D grade after being an e-grader for years (at long last progress).
Going mountain biking while on Holiday on in Rotorua (Hired a bike up there and realised how rubbish my bike is so I've had to by a new one).

Low lights.
getting sick and having to take a few weeks of the bike (this stopped me completing both the FOC and Canterbury summer series event 3 and didn't even turn up for event 4)
Getting dropped back to e-grade at the second Summer series event. (Lost my Mojo a bit and only rolled up the hill as I thought whats the point).

Stay in the top 10 of the "Port Hills Hillclimb Leaderboard 2009/10"
If I manage to improve on all my Port Hills Hillclimb times before the Main Devide then I'm going to give it a go. (Just want to ride it to say I've rode to Arthurs Pass, not interested in a result).
Get back into D grade and stay there for a whole year.
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby Mr_Jolly on Tue 29/Dec/09 9:53am

completing Taupo for the first time
find a couple of work colleagues keen on cycling and training as a group
competing in the Vorb TDF game.
amazing results from Rolly and Greg Henderson
reading some of the coffee spittingly funny blogs at the fatcyclist

taking so long to do Taupo for the first time!!
trying to train in crap weather

Ride more, commutes and training (esp hills so I don't take so long to do Taupo for the second time!!)
complete a few more races/rides (nelson 90, rot to taupo etc)
New bike??
maybe get an MTB...
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby Al_Bushman on Tue 29/Dec/09 9:56am

- Having second child and getting a great new job with the bank I work for which means I can work from home and be with my family.
- Getting a brand new bike under warranty that is hawwt!

- Losing a very high level of fitness very quickly
- family/ work committments meant riding/ training was nigh on impossible. Just when I was coming back to form I learnt I had a cracked frame and 8 weeks off the bike resulted.
- Received new bike and crashed 5 days later breaking my arm just in time for Xmas/ summer which means another 8 weeks off the bike.

2010 Goals
- At least make it back to being a competitive B grade rider and possibly middle A by the end of this year
- No race goals - will just compete when I can. Would like to win a Prebbleton winter series race though.
- crack 15m up Dyers again.
- Be a good Dad/ husband.
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Re: What Were Your 2009 Cycling Highlights?

Postby zephyrheaven on Wed 30/Dec/09 9:40pm

HIGHLIGHTS - Getting a Coiler , losing some girth and doing a wee jump

LOWLIGHTS - Not biking enough (hmmm repetitive)

2010 - Moar riding, less fishing and 4x4ing
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