Re: What Non-fiction Book Could I Read Next?

Postby handy-andy on Fri 26/Mar/10 10:16am

FLATULENTFRIEND wrote:What do you suggest?

Flatulentfriend, you might enjoy "Walter the Farting Dog Goes on a Cruise".

Actually aimed at kids, but had me laughing until I cried when I read it to my six year old.

*edit* probably not actually non fiction, but I believe Walter the farting dog is real.
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Re: What Non-fiction Book Could I Read Next?

Postby adam77 on Fri 26/Mar/10 1:47pm

Dispatches - Michael Herr
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Re: What Non-fiction Book Could I Read Next?

Postby Kevin Hague on Fri 26/Mar/10 3:35pm

Lester Brown: Plan B v4.0
(First part of the book analyses environmental and social ills affecting the world, second part recommends practical and achievable solutions, part 3 is a budget to do that. I have some spare copies of earlier editions if you're interested, at no cost)

Wilkinson & Pickett: The Spirit Level
Academic but very readable tour de force demonstrating the connections between inequality in a society and poor overall (health, education, justice, welfare etc) outcomes. Inequality is bad for almost everyone

Jackson: Properity without Growth
Tackles the big challenge of how to organise economy that delivers quality of life for everyone but doesn't require infinite (and impossible) groth to remain stable, thus delivering on the parameter of a sustainable relationship with the environment

Also anything by George Monbiot
Kevin Hague
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Re: What Non-fiction Book Could I Read Next?

Postby Velocipedestrian on Fri 26/Mar/10 5:30pm

Mr Allbones Ferrets.
Fiona Farrel

OK it's historical fiction, but with good research, tells the story of mustelids being introduced to NZ
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Re: What Non-fiction Book Could I Read Next?

Postby FLATULENTFRIEND on Fri 26/Mar/10 5:31pm

:D Cheers for the great list of books people. I'm going to get me one..or two.

I’m finding myself with more reading time as I’m leaving for school in Otara (2 week placement and possible 3 days a week until the end of the year or…the end of me…which ever comes first :exclaim: ) at about 6.30am so I can get there at 7.10am + and miss the worst of the traffic.

I then whip my shoes off, get in the back of the car, lean on my tri-pillow and read until 8.30am.
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