Postby Tama on Wed 9/Jan/02 12:45pm

Heh heh - that is true New Zealand has no trails, and all our riders are shit....

Oh wait a minute, I forgot, we have heaps of singletrack (mmmm technical singletrack) and our riders rank best in the world like John Kirkcaldie, Kashi Leuchs and Vanessa Quin (from a population of 3.8 million)

Canadians might build good bikes, but come over here and we spank you good and hard... Eh? :p

PinkBike is pretty cool though
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Postby Tama on Wed 9/Jan/02 4:29pm

One day I'll visit Canadian - home of my Blizzard and all it's Raceface bits... Unfortunately currently our Pacific Peso gets about 10 Canadian cents, so the exchange is somewhat munting to the VISA. :( - good for the tourists though.

There are some Kiwis bound your way though - The Aucks Travelling - Nice Air - Somewhat styley riders...

Anyway, everyone knows Kiwis are hard (and apparently really good at partying) and Canadians are hard - so let's bait some countries who deserve it - like the States and the Britain -  :)

Might just see you out there one day - eh?

Crap - forgot to mention Nathan Rankin - Who has a world ranking of 35 in Downhill - higher than any Canadian (yup - even Andrew Shandro) - and with John Kirkcaldie coming in at 46 that's two high ranking DH Kiwis who live in 100km of here... Don't mind me - just being a bitch :D
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"Come on Ruthie let's dance"
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Postby SlackBoy on Thu 10/Jan/02 12:56am

What Nationality was the chick that won the Canadian Cup and came second at the National Champs in Canada
ummmm let me think, ahhhhh errrr ahhhh dang just about got it, oh yeah thats right New Zealand
Lisa Horlor
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