Were Is The Peacokes Djs??

Postby //chick-bmxer// on Fri 13/Mar/09 12:28pm

Okay well not much people no were the peacokes bmx jumps are??

well there kind of bye the melville bowl down peacokes road in the bush side...
not much people go down there but when people are down there most of them a pretty cool...

WARNING! watch this boy named conrad goes to melville intermediate maori boy who hangs out there some times...

when hes around ur better off leaving the jumps he will try and steal ur bikes /gear..

okay well theres 2 sides of the jumps which join 2gether at the end theres a smaller side which is 4 less exsperenced people and then bigger jumps 4 the guys/girls that like big jumps....
theres guys that go down there every so offtin and improve the jumps /fix the jumps

i sae u should go down there and try the jumps there pretty awsome....=]

wana no more text/ring me 0277536916
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Re: Were Is The Peacokes Djs??

Postby Friendly Llama on Fri 13/Mar/09 2:04pm

Yeah, I haven't been down there is a while, have the changed much in the last 6ish months?
Friendly Llama
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Re: Were Is The Peacokes Djs??

Postby //chick-bmxer// on Mon 23/Mar/09 12:41pm

umm kind of but these little boys keep going down there starting fights and stuff....
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