Re: Welly Six Pack Ride - Sun 4 Sept

Postby ThingOne on Wed 17/Aug/11 7:32am

DaveAldred wrote:You must be mistaking me for Tony Keith - Captain of the Elite corner of the Elite group in the Most Elite class in the ESGA.

I reckon climb Long Gully after a nice coastal sift rather than Tippy. We could always climb the first few feet of Tippy, spit on it and take a leak, then continue round the coast?

Tip track with a few beers in the belly should be lovely, make sure we dont miss this highlight out.
Tigs told me he was going to sift up the Tippy, ride back down and catch everyone else on his way back up.
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Re: Welly Six Pack Ride - Sun 4 Sept

Postby DaveAldred on Wed 17/Aug/11 7:52am

I've had word from the Editor that the best option for ascending Hawkins is via Red rocks and the new singletrack. Sounds better. Especiallyin the light of me saying I would chop my balls off rather than do the Tippy again.

I here there are erosion problems after Tony M1 Keith rode 50 Tippys last night in the slush. That man has no community spirit.
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