Re: Wed Night 60 Minutes On Tv3

Postby cooper770 on Thu 29/Apr/10 3:13pm

znomit wrote:
Rik wrote:

He came across still pretty UN-remorseful. She came across as still astonishingly (to me) forgiving

I got the impression that he thought "oh well, shit happens".
Should be in jail. Not stopping to offer assistance=manslaughter.

only watched snippets so far (between add breaks whilst SWMBO watched the other side) but have recorded it. Bit I did see seemed to be balanced and not judgemental but will wait until I have time to watch it all.
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The Head Of The Defence Technology Agency

Postby kiwi_zg on Thu 9/Sep/10 2:11pm

Did anyone watch last nights 60 minutes about he head of the Defence Technology Agency,Stephen Wilce? .

What a joke someone like Stephen Wilce can BS his way into a job like that !
Clearly high-lights how government departments procedures are a joke.
No background checks FFS.
5 years on a sweet tax payers funded salary too.....
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Re: Wed Night 60 Minutes On Tv3

Postby kiwi_zg on Thu 9/Sep/10 3:07pm

A 60 Minutes investigation has unmasked a senior Defence Force official as a CV cheat and liar.

Stephen Wilce is a man who for the last five years has been privy to the most sensitive of defence information in his job as the Director of New Zealand’s Defence Technology Agency.

Mr Wilce’s role comes with the highest levels of security clearance, but it is a job he was given on the basis of a string of lies, many of which on his CV.

He solely represents New Zealand on a strategic international defence committee and reports directly to the Chief of Defence.

60 Minutes has obtained statements from many willing to testify to Mr Wilce’s lies and to his incompetence.

“Very quickly a very sorry tale emerged and I found this fellow was telling me massive porkies,” said business consultant Steve Saunders, who interviewed Mr Wilce for a CEO role.

“Stephen Wilce was blatantly lying about his capabilities. Blatantly,” says Dr Iain McKenzie, an engineer and former DTA scientist who reported to Mr Wilce.

“He delivered promise after promise, none of which we saw a result for,” says Chris Jarvis, who co-owned CEMA Pty Ltd, a company Mr Wilce had previously been CEO of.

With testimonies like these it’s quite a promotion then to go from running a small housing company to becoming the Director of New Zealand’s DTA, and our Chief Defence Scientist.

So serious are the allegations made to 60 Minutes that they went undercover to unmask Stephen Paul Wilce.

A Briton who has been in New Zealand and Australia since 1993, his plum Government role earns him $250,000 a year.

And this is why it matters.The 80-person agency he heads provides scientific advice to the military on things such as weapons systems.

From his Devonport base, all recommendations on defence technology and upgrades go through Mr Wilce.

As Chief Defence Scientist, he reports directly to the Chief of Defence.
Watch the full 60 Minutes investigation
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