Wanted - Shimano Wh-r540 Or -7701 Spokes (16-spoke)

Postby Simonius_Titius on Sat 14/Apr/12 4:00pm

WH-R540 and WH-7701 are Shimano wheelsets with 16 spokes in pairs, and big nipples at the hub end. They were made roughly around 2003-2006.

I'm after spokes or even just the special sidepull rim washer for them.
Currently missing is a driveside rear spoke (278mm) and its washer. The others are still sold by Shimano but the driveside ones are not available.

The head end is the special bit on these, it has a long neck and needs a custom washer to give sideways pull on a 5mm wide hole in the rim. The rest of the spoke is 2.0mm (14 gauge) at each end, with the blade being 1.5 x 2.4 though that doesn't matter so much.

Dura-Ace WH-R7701 front has 16 x 294mm spokes, same as my rear left ones.

Dura-Ace WH-7700 and Ultegra WH-6500 rear have 16 x 291mm, same both sides and no good for me except for a washer if they are not glued on..

I wouldn't normally touch a low spoke count wheel but this one got an exemption for being an unusual design that works surprisingly well. The spoke heads pull on the sides of the rim using a special collar in a 5mm hole. The threaded end crosses over to meet the nipple on the opposite side of the hub.
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Re: Wanted - Shimano Wh-r540 Or -7701 Spokes (16-spoke)

Postby Mr_Bob on Fri 11/May/12 11:24am

I think I have some of these spokes, i'll take a look this evening. - I've also got a complete R540 front wheel as well
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Re: Wanted - Shimano Wh-r540 Or -7701 Spokes (16-spoke)

Postby diggers on Wed 14/Nov/12 11:06am

hey Mr Bob, I'm looking for a rear drive side spoke for my Shimano R540. Do you have some spare spokes?
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