Wanted: 27" Road Fork

Postby mr splodge on Wed 8/Feb/12 12:57pm

My girlfriend accidentally ran over her Worldrider Prostar 10 speed with her car and bent the steerer.

I'm therefore after a replacement fork. Can anyone in Wellington help? It's a threaded headset type, takes a 27" wheel. Cosmetic condition not a consideration, just needs to work.

I see a few old 10 speeds come up on trademe but I don't really want to buy a whole bike just to use the fork and take the rest to the dump, so if anyone has a suitable fork lying around that would be great. Can be exchanged for beer tokens.

mr splodge
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Re: Wanted: 27" Road Fork

Postby Simonius_Titius on Wed 8/Feb/12 1:16pm

Steel can take a bit of rebending if it isn't too bad.

If you measure the head tube in between the bearings, that is a rough guide to finding a bike with a compatible fork.
Headsets can vary a bit so ultimately you need to remove and measure the fork steerer itself. An over length fork can have spacers inserted or be cut down. It might need rethreading if cut down much, a bike shop can do this.
Too short = no go.

If you have a 27" wheel and mudguard you need an old fork. A 27" rim sits 4mm higher than a 700C rim, and modern forks often can't fit a mudguard or even big tyres.

You have a 1"=25.4mm diameter steerer. Modern forks are all 28.6mm or occasionally larger, they won't fit.
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Re: Wanted: 27" Road Fork

Postby kiwi_zg on Wed 8/Feb/12 1:29pm

Try the local Tip/landfill depot.
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Re: Wanted: 27" Road Fork

Postby Jimmy_Riddle on Wed 8/Feb/12 3:13pm

Give Kelvin Gordon at Kelvin's Cycles in Nelson a call. He has heap of older stuff like this. His number is - 03-5482851.
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