Calendar Event: March 9, 2013

Vulcaniser Xc - The Very Last One!

Postby XCguy on Fri 22/Feb/13 12:54pm

The Vulcaniser (Coastal North Canterbury, 75 min drive from ChCh) is now only 2 weeks away and this 2013 event on 9 March will be the final time we will be running this event, and will also be our 10th race since we started building the course back in 2003. All the info about this year's race is at

The main two changes this year are:
1) all courses will start at the woolshed down on Reeces road and will climb the 3km through Mt Vulcan Station to the top of the Boars Nest.
2) there are also more options this year with riders being able to just do that initial hillclimb section (timed or untimed) as well as a couple of multi-lap options where you do the hillclimb (about 15-18 minutes) and then do laps of the purpose built singletrack loop that we normally use. We also have a running option this year to the top of the Boars Nest.

The Vulcaniser is held in a very scenic location and is a fantastic course that has a great reputation amongst XC riders. Don't miss out on this special piece of track this year as there are no plans to have any further events beyond this 2013 event.

Hope to see you there :)
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Re: Vulcaniser Xc - The Very Last One!

Postby XCguy on Thu 7/Mar/13 12:32pm

A reminder that this is being held this coming Saturday. Pre-entries closed yesterday but you can still enter on the day :thumbsup:

Here is a video of some footage from a few years ago... video-view-75672.html

Hope to see some of you there to race on this course for the last time.
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Re: Vulcaniser Xc - The Very Last One!

Postby wgtngrl on Thu 7/Mar/13 1:26pm

So glad I raced this when I had the chance - totally get why it's the last, but what a loss to the calendar :( Still one of the funnest courses I ever raced on :thumbsup:
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Re: Vulcaniser Xc - The Very Last One!

Postby mfw on Thu 7/Mar/13 9:14pm

I only managed this the once, glad I did though, unique! Thumbs up to all the organisers for setting this up over the years :thumbsup: , not least pedallingkiwi for dragging the toilets all the way up there, I always used to know when it was vulcaniser week as I would see them sitting pretty outside his house lol
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