Postby Wookie on Thu 17/Jan/02 3:02pm

Well with words like Smaur and Schmave looks like we got the start of a whole book... in the support of Vorbology  ;)

Any one have some grand wordage to be adopted into the 'VorbCabulary'?

:D  :D  :D
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Postby Tama on Thu 17/Jan/02 3:35pm

Minefield : A part of the track populated by rocks. The rocks should be large enough too cause you and your bike grief if you hit any of them. You can either slow down and pick your way through the minefield. Or go hard and Bomb it (See A & E.) Best examples of minefields I've even ridden - Mountain Fyfe, Kaikoura & Goat Gully - Long Gully Farm.  

A & E : Accident & Emergency - the place to be on Sunday afternoons. Make up lies about how you injured yourself with fellow casualties (saying you tripped on your shoelaces = bad : saying you got huge air off a bank and caught a tree = better : being concussed and asking "What happened" every 2 minutes = hardcore.)

Bomb(ing) : To semi-confidently ride fast over a section of the trail with minimal braking. If you have a terrified expression on your face you are not bombing.
Best expressions for bombing :
* Very casual/ relaxed like you've just smoked half a fat juicy spliff
* Massive grin like you're having a small electric current run through your naughties
* Totally intensely focused, like the fate of the world matters on getting to the bottom of the hill as fast as possible.
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Postby Jono on Thu 17/Jan/02 10:07pm

Munter (noun) : One who attempts a bombing run beyond their skill, with all prerequisites for bombing (relaxed expression, no brakes), but fails miserably without requiring use of A + E services, and wrecks their bike in the process. See Punter.
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Postby Vinnie on Mon 26/Apr/04 11:34pm

Hey, there was already a Dictionary in the making, way before it ever came to be what it is now!

Great minds eh :cool:
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Postby bugle on Tue 27/Apr/04 9:31am

Tama wrote:[- Mountain Fyfe, Kaikoura

Mmmmmmmmm Mt Fyfe :love: :love: :love: :love: :love:
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